My Bully

"Please stop daddy!" Tears were rushing down my face and soon I felt a slam against my face, I was on the floor. I felt a kick to my head and then I felt nothing. Your going to live with the Styles for a while. I'd rather hang around at home and get beaten by my father than live with my bully, Harry Styles.


2. Im Gemma

When Anne's car pulled into a long circular drive way i couldnt believe my eyes. This house was the biggest house ive ever seen in my entire  life. I walked up to the front door, once again leaving my bags for Harry. Anne unlocked the door and let me go in first, once again i couldnt believe my eyes. It was even bigger on the inside. Harry walked in behind us and Anne said "Harry show Angela to her room please, im going to cook dinner." Harry nodded and started walking up the stairs. I followed Harry up the stairs and down a hallway before he opened a big wooden door. I saw a big bed with light blue blankets and pillows, there was a ginormous walk in closet. "You'll be happy to know that my room is right next door." Harry said with that dumb smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes, Harry laughed before leaving the room.
I was laying on my bed when the door swung open. I was about to start yelling, thinking it was Harry but instead there was a girl standing in the doorway. She was thin and tall with long blonde hair. "Hi im Gemma, my mom told me about you staying here so I thought i should come say hi!" She stood there smiling waiting for me to answer "Oh well hi, its nice to meet you." Gemma walked further into my room and sat down next to  me on the bed.
Gemma: "So do you like your room?"
Me: "Yeah i love it"
Gemma: "Yeah this used to be my room when i was a little girl, then i moved into the basement. My favorite thing about it was the closet!"
we both laughed 
Me: "It would look better if i had clothes in it" 
i didnt have much time to pack so most of my wardrobe was in my small closet at home.
Gemma:"I think we can solve that issue in one trip to the mall"
I grabbed my bag and we walked downstairs Gemma yelled "Me and Angela are going shopping we'll be back later" letting Anne and Harry know where we were going, then we walked to the mall. The mall was only 10 minutes away. 
When we got to the mall we looked in almost every store, both of us running back and forth to the dressing rooms. By the end of our shopping spree, we both had spent over 600 dollars. We started walking home, hoping that dinner was waiting for us.
As soon as i walked through the front door the smell of dinner hit my nose and i wanted to drop my bags and run to the kitchen.  Before i could actually run to the kitchen, i went to my room and threw all of my bags onto my bed. Then i ran to the kitchen. I sat down next to a empty seat. Harry walked into the kitchen and sat down next to me. "There are 3 other seats Harry, why did you choose to sit next to me?" Harry laughed and said "because i know you dont want me to sit here." I was so annoyed. Gemma  sat across from me and Harry.
Gemma: "So Angela do you want to go to a party tomorrow night? Its at Jason Warner's house, he is the hottest junior in the whole school." Gemma winked at me and we both started laughing, Harry made a face at us. 
Harry: "No you both are not going. Im going to the party and i dont want to show up with you idiots."
Gemma: "Oh Harry i didnt know you were going. Now we're definitely going, just to annoy you! Angela, you can wear one of the new dresses you got!"
Me: Yeah sure, what time are we going?"
Gemma: "We can all go at 10:30" 
Harry got up and stormed out of the room causing both me and Gemma to laugh.

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