Free Fallin'

The good girl has her good girl friends... The bad boy has his bad boy friends... What happens when they get together?


4. Not as expected.

He stood by me too close. My heart racing, my chest rising and falling quickly. Isnt there someone who can help me?


"Please stop. I have to get home. My mum will worry." I said the venerability was screaming in my voice.


"Let her worry, then. I'm not frightening you, am I?" he asked pressing me harder to the lockers. I wanted so badly to scream out at him, tell him how terrifies I was and run home and apologize to mother for being late and to Malie- Malie! I'm her ride!


"N-no. You don't frighten me." I stuttered.


"So why are you stuttering? You must be scared, love."


"Please let me go" I said closing my eyes trying to catch my breath.


"Of course, love." he said backing up from me. "Just let me take you home."


"No thank you. My car is here-


"I wasn't asking. I'm taking you home." he demanded.


"Ok' I gulped and followed him out the building.




"Here we are." he said and opened the door for me.


"Thank you" I whispered and got into his black range rover.


I didn't see Malie so I'm guessing she walked home. I'm just going to have to walk to school tomorrow.


I gave him the directions to my home. He pulled up in front of my home and I noticed my mother wasn't home. Which means the door is locked.


I reached in my bag for my key-


What! No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Its has to be here! I KNOW I put in here this morning! Its always here!


"Umm... I don't have my  key..." I said nervous as to what he would say. "No one is home... and the door is locked."


"Well I guess I'll just have to take you to my place."


Oh, god help me.



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