Free Fallin'

The good girl has her good girl friends... The bad boy has his bad boy friends... What happens when they get together?


3. Dangerously Close

The day was finally over and I am now going to find Malie.


"Hey wait up!" A voice called out making me turn around. I figured he was just looking for Dean or Trevor so I kept walking.


"I said wait up!" He took my shoulders and turned me around.


"Get off! What are you doing!?" I yelled which is something I never do, but ignorance is something I have no tolerance for.


"What's your name?" ... What?


"Excuse me?" I said confused. My voice lowering because I don't yell...


"I said, What is your name?"


"Why do you want to know my name?"


"Because I Do" he said stepping closer to me.


"Please back away." I said as I hit the lockers. Oh, my lord.


"Tell me your name first. Then I'll leave you alone... Maybe" He pinned me to the lockers. Because its the end of the day, no one is here to help me.


"M-Marie." I said in a faint whisper.


"What was that? I didn't hear that" He said and pushed me to the wall harder. I whimpered as my breathing hitched.


"Marie" I said a little louder.


"You're going to have to speak louder than that, love."


"Marie!" I nearly shouted.


"Now that wasn't so hard was it? Marie, What a beautiful name." He said and leaned closer to me.


"Please get off of me." I said and looked down. He was so close to me. His front pressed to mine. His arms on either side on my waist.


He is so close. So dangerously close. Too close.

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