summer memories (alex constancio story)

flora is an average 17 year old girl who moves to miami which changes her life


12. sex with Tyler and sleepover with Alex in one night

I sit in the front with Alex when we get to the mall Alex and Austin head to the hatshop and I start heading to Hollister when I hear "Hey, wait up". "What Tyler" "Nothing I just want to walk with you". "Ok Ty". "Now your coming up with nicknames for me"? He winks. I lightly punch his arm. "Stop it Tyler". "What am I doing"? "Turning me on". He laughs. "Ok, I'm sorry. Can I help you find a red dress for tonight since thats our school color"? "Yeah sure". We walk into Hollister and he picks up a flirty red dress. I look at the pricetag. "Its too expensive Ty". "If it fits you I will buy it for you angel". "Ok". I go to try it on. Damn that looks hot I think to myself. I come out to let Tyler see if it fits me. "That fits fine". He tells me to go change back into my clothes. I go change and get a text from Alex.......

Alex~Meet us in the food court when your done

I hand Tyler the dress and he pays for it. Its $120. "I will pay you back Ty". "Don't worry about it babe", he says as he kisses my forehead. The cashier bags the dress and me and Tyler walk back towards the food court. When we get there I spot Alex and Austin and start walking over to them. I see that he has his new snapback on. We get over to them and I sit on his lap. "I got you something,close your eyes". I close my eyes. He puts a necklace on me. "Open". I look down at my necklace. It's 2 hearts that are connected. Aww, Its beautiful Alex". He smiles so I kiss him. We all decide its time to go so we drive back to my house. We get out and go inside. "Guys I'm going to go change". I see Tyler blush. I go upstairs and put on my dress. I walk back downstairs and sit down in between Alex and Tyler. "You guys ready to go?" They all reply with yes. I quickly text Drake.......

Me~Can we Skype at 10?

We walk out to my car. "You look beautiful." "Thank Tyler since he picked it out." I then recieve a text from my mom......

Mom~Not going to make it home tonight

I show Alex the text. "You can spend the night at my house." "Ok babe". We drive to the football stadium. When we get there there's a long line so we all decide to go to Sonic and get shakes. We then drive back to the stadium and theres no line so we give them our money and walk inside. We sit down in the bleachers its Austin, Alex, Me, and Tyler. The game ends. The dolphins won 35-7. "You guys wanna go to the beach and have a few beers since we won?" Tyler and Alex both say yes. "Austin you coming?" "No." We climb in my mustang and I drive Austin home then drive to the beach. "Fuck I forgot the beer guys. You guys wanna come get the beer with me?" "No I will stay here, Alex says. "Sure I will come, Ty says. We start driving to the liquor store. Suddenly I have the urge to make out with Tyler. I pull the car over. I start kissing Tyler and he doesn't protest, he just kisses back even deeper. I pull his shirt off over his head and run my hands down his abs. He starts taking my dress off, and pretty soon we are both lying there naked. "There's a condom in the side, I manage to mutter. He rolls the condom on and puts his dick inside of me. I automatically start moaning. I stop him. "Ty, I'm sorry. That shouldn't have happened. We can't tell Alex about this." We get the beer and drive back to the beach. I run and kiss Alex. After each of us have had a couple of beers I drive them both home and head home. I turn on my computer and go to Skype and click on Drake's picture. "Hey beautiful, he says when my image appears. "Hey Drake." "You ok?" "No, I just had sex with my boyfriends best friend." "Hang in there babe and call your boyfriend." I call Alex and put it on speaker. He automatically picks up "Hey beautiful." "Hey Alex. Do you wanna come over?" "Yeah sure I'll be there in 10 minutes." "Thank you Drake." "No problem Angel." "Bye." See ya." 10 minutes later the doorbell rings, I answer it. "Alex!" I let him in. "Can we sleep together tonight?" "Yeah. Can we sleep with barely anything on, he asks." "Yeah." I take off my shirt and shorts and he takes off his shirt and shorts. I run my eyes up and down his body. He starts making out with me and we lay down on the bed. He unclasps my bra and starts kissing me all over. "Alex not tonight. I'm sorry babe." "Its ok. I understand." We fall asleep me in his arms. I realize I really love him just as I fall asleep.

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