summer memories (alex constancio story)

flora is an average 17 year old girl who moves to miami which changes her life


1. saying goodbye

Flora had to move to her mom's house one summer in August. She was mad because she would have to leave all of her friends. It was a Sunday and Flora's dad came downstairs to tell her that he was going to drive her to her moms. Say all of your goodbyes Flora and get your things packed. She texted her boyfriend Matt and her bestfriends Savannah, Kabreya, and Krista to come over. She waited 5 minutes the doorbell rang, it was Savannah. She opened the door and let her in. Do you really have to move to your moms house today? Yes Savannah. I wish I didn't have to though. I will text you all the time though. The doorbell rang. I opened up the door and Matt was standing there with flowers and a teddy bear. Babe, please don't go. I'm going to miss you too much. I hug him and we walk over to the couch and sit down and start kissing. The doorbell rings. Ugh, I'll get it, I say. Matt smiles and lets me get up to go get the door. I open the door. Kabreya and Krista are standing on the doorstep. Kabreya starts crying, so I give her a hug and let them in. There's food in the kitchen guys, I say. Savannah, Kabreya, and Krista all go to get food while Matt stays on the couch. I walk over to him and sit down. I get a text from Kenna saying sorry, not going to make it. Ugh, I say. Matt asks what's wrong. I tell him that Kenna's not going to make it. I'm sorry babe, he says. Its fine, I lie. He tells me he got me something and to close my eyes. I close my eyes and it puts a necklace on me. Open, he says. I open my eyes and look down at my necklace. It's beautiful Matt. Just like you, Matt replys. I'm really going to miss you babe. Me too baby. Flora's dad comes downstairs, Flora time to say goodbye. Ok dad, Can you give us a couple of minutes? Savannah comes up to me. You got to text me everyday. Ok, I say. Bye Savannah. I give Kabreya and Krista a hug. Bye guys. Bye, they reply. After Krista and Kabreya leave I walk Matt outside. We kiss for five minutes then I give him a hug. Bye Matt, I love you. Bye Flora, I love you too. I give him another kiss and watch him get in his car and drive away. I walk inside, Flora are you ready to go? Yes, I get in the car and he drives me to my moms. I get out and say bye, give my dad a hug and a peck on the cheek and head into my moms house.

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