summer memories (alex constancio story)

flora is an average 17 year old girl who moves to miami which changes her life


5. meeting drake

I go downstairs and ask my mom if I can go to the basketball court. She says yes and tells me that theres a basketball in the garage. I get the basketball and put it in my car then drive to the basketball court. I get out and start shooting baskets. I notice that there's 5 guys here and one catches my eye. He smiles and turns away. I stop shooting baskets and go sit down to drink some water. The guy walks over and says "Hi, my names Drake". "My names Flora". He smiles. "Thats a pretty name". "Thanks". My phone buzzes. I look down at my phone, its a text from my mom.

Mom : Come home, you have to pack.

"I have to go Drake, I can text you though. Whats your #"? "913-592-0392" I put his # into my phone and walk to my car. I drive home, when I get there its 11:30. I tell my mom goodnight and head upstairs. I text drake : Hey, how was basketball?

I plug my phone into its charger and climb into bed. When I wake up I have 6 texts. 1 from Matt.....

Matt : Morning beautiful

Me : Morning, love you

Savannah : Hey and I gave Kabreya your #.

Me : Hey, just woke up.

Drake : Hey, basketball was good. Hoping I wasn't too weird last night

Me : You were fine.

I text back the random #'s : Hey, whos this?


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