summer memories (alex constancio story)

flora is an average 17 year old girl who moves to miami which changes her life


9. Kissing Tyler and Alex in one night

I got a text from Tyler....

Tyler~Can we hang out?

Me~Yeah, I will be over at 5.

It was 4:30 now. "Can I drive you home Alex?" "Yeah, Sure", he said not sounding so sure. I drove him to his house and we kissing for about 3 minutes. "Bye Alex". I drove away. On my way to Tylers I called Matt and explained that we wouldn't be able to date anymore because I had found someone else where I live. Ok was all he said then he hung up. I went to Tylers house and he wanted to go to the beach so we drove to my house and I got on my coral bikini and some white shorts and got in the car. When we got to the beach we went swimming for a little bit then went to lay down on our towels. I turned towards him. "I hate this", I said. "What do you hate, he asked? " I like you and Alex and I have to pick one its tough". "Come here babe". I layed my head on his chest. He started stroking my hair. I tilted my head up towards his face and we started kissing. I stopped him, "sorry Tyler". "No its my fault". I got up and we walked back to my car. I drove him home then drove back to my house. This was not good I had to choose between Alex a really sweet guy who is really good at sports and Tyler a guy who sends me good morning texts and is really caring and romantic. It was about 11pm and I had a call coming through on my phone from tyler..........I answered it. "Hello", I said. "Hey babe, I was thinking a lot about you so I called you. "Well I'm glad you called me, I had a lot of fun tonight Tyler". "Me too Flora". "Well I'm going to bed Tyler" "Ok, Sweet dreams beautiful". I ended the call and went to bed. At about 2 in the morning my phone started going off. Ugh, who would be calling me this early in the morning, I thought as I answered my phone. "Hello, I said in a very sleepy voice". "Hey babe, guess who". "Tyler? I guessed. "Nope, guess again". "Just kidding Alex. I knew it was you. Do you need something?" "No Flora, you were just on my mind so I called you." "Aww, thanks for calling me Alex. Your amazing". "I'm sorry for waking you up beautiful". "Its ok Alex. Can I sleep now though?" "Umm baby....I'm at your window so can you let me in and we can go to sleep together?" "Sure, hang on Alex". I open the window and Alex is standing there. I let him in and we climb in my bed. I kiss his forehead. "Babe, will you be my girlfriend"? "Yes, I reply. "I really like you Alex". Then I fall asleep in his arms smiling. 

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