summer memories (alex constancio story)

flora is an average 17 year old girl who moves to miami which changes her life


2. good things

I walk inside and go sit down next to my mom on the couch and start watching tv. My mom turns to me and asks if I want pizza for dinner. Yes, I say. Do you want to go shopping after we eat pizza? Of course I do. What kind of pizza do you want? Pepperoni! She orders the pizza. 10 minutes later the pizza man arrives. That would be $20 he says. My mom hands him the money and brings the pizza to the table. I get a plate and put two slices of pizza on it. Flora, I know you just moved here but tomorrow we are going to be moving to Miami, Florida. Are you serious mom? That's where Austin Mahone lives! What if we run into him? Omg!!! My mom starts laughing, and hopefully this doesn't give you a heart attack but I'm going to give you a $1000 to spend at the mall tonight and I'm going to buy you an IPhone 5 S, an Apple computer, an IPod touch, and a mustang. I jump up and give her a giant hug. Omg mom, I love you so much. We sit down and finish our pizza. After we finish eating dinner we get in my moms jeep and she drives us to the mall. She gives me the $1000 and lets me go off by myself.

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