summer memories (alex constancio story)

flora is an average 17 year old girl who moves to miami which changes her life


4. coming home

I spot my mom at the food court and walk over to her. She hands me my keys, my IPhone 5 S and tells me my other things are at home. I go into the parking lot with all of my bags and start walking through the parking lot to try and find my mustang. All my mom told me was that it was dark blue. After a while of me walking through the parking lot I finally spot my mustang. I click the unlock button my keys, the car opens. I put all of my bags into the backseat and climb into the car. I put on my raybans since its 7:00 and still light outside. I send Savannah a text : Hey, its going perfect here. My mom gave me a mustang, an IPhone, an IPod touch, an Apple computer, plus she gave me an $1000 so I could buy clothes. How are things back home?........... I then send my mom a message asking for the address. I start driving to smoothie king to get a smoothie. I arrive at the smoothie king and lock my car. I walk inside and walk up to the counter. I order a strawberry and banana smoothie. I pay the cashier and walk back to the car. I have 3 texts. 1 from my mom....

mom : 6125 Pine Street

1 from Savannah.... Great Zach asked me out. I send back : Thats great, I'm happy for you. 1 from Matt.

Matt : I already miss you.

Me : Miss you too.

I take a sip from my drink and put it down. I drive to my moms house, park in the driveway, grab my bags and phone, and walk inside. I walk into my room sit down at my desk and freak out when I see my laptop on my desk. I automatically turn it on and plug my IPhone into my laptop so I can download some music. I get about 75 songs, I turn off my laptop at about 9:00. I go through all the bags I got. In total I have 3 bikinis, 6 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of sunglasses, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of vans, a pair of converse, a pair of gladiators, 4 tanks, 3 pairs of flipflops, 2 hoodies, 5 bras, 6 pairs of undies, some perfume and lotion, and 3 necklaces. Damn I got a lot. By now its 10:00.

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