Am i pretty now?

Sydney Campen 16, finds true love. Then like everything in her life it crumples. Her only escape is cutting, this time she cut a bit to deep ...


8. used and abused

When I walked into my house my phone rang. I didn't feel like talking to anyone. Especially Harry. I looked to see who was calling of course it was Harry. He left a message:

Hey Sydney Liam, Niall, Zayn and especially Louis were wondering if you would like to come to our studio please message me back I can come pick you up"

I called him back

Yea sure I would love to go

Okay I'll be there in five

In five? Crap I gotta get ready, I run to the bathroom and have a quick shower then hear the door open. "Is it shower time? I looove shower time" I start laughing when Harry opens the curtain and picks me up out of the shower.

"Damn your hotter then I thought" I ripped off his pants and shirt and he pulled a condom out of his jeans.

"There really is no practice today is there?" I say

"There's never practice on Sunday he says as he lowers me to the bathroom floor

"Are you ready for the ride of your life?"

"I think s-"

I was interrupted by the pain of his length entering me. He moaned.


"Mmm yes"

"I'm not ready for this please stop"

With that he pinned my wrists to the ground

"HARRY please" now tears were streaming down my cheeks. I tried to close my legs but in result he spread them more. Finally I got my leg in front of him an kicked him off.

"What the hell you whore"

"Harry please I love you but I'm not ready" I leant over to kiss him but he pushed me away

"Do you want to come to the party tonite?"

"What party"? I said

Louis is throwing one at his house for the one d guys and their girlfriends"

Yea sure I'll go"


"I'll pick you up at six until then shower you filthy whore"


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