Am i pretty now?

Sydney Campen 16, finds true love. Then like everything in her life it crumples. Her only escape is cutting, this time she cut a bit to deep ...


1. the beginning

"Whore"! "Slut"!! "Where did you come from a cows ass"? Just ignore it I tell myself just keep walking. There he is Nash Grier my biggest crush EVER. "Stop being so fucking mean you guys, you have no idea what she has been through"! Phhh like he knew that my dad tried to kill me or how abusive my brother is. Just drop it Sydney you'll be home in like five minutes.

I drop my stuff off at home and run right out before anyone notices I'm home.

The forest is my only escape, everyday I walk out there until it gets dark just to stay away from drama at home. Today I went a little deeper in then usual. I heard some girls laughing and guys screaming. It sounded exactly like Madyson. I tried to run but she saw me, she pinned me to the ground and started smashing me with rocks. Nash jumped onto her and knocked her out. He picked me up and started to run. Or atleast that's what I remember because now I'm peacefully laying at home.

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