Am i pretty now?

Sydney Campen 16, finds true love. Then like everything in her life it crumples. Her only escape is cutting, this time she cut a bit to deep ...


9. living with my nightmare

Harry was here at six just like he said the drive was long and quiet. When we got there Harry said,

"Get in the back for a quicky"

"Harry no" I opened the door and he ripped my arm and threw me in the back.

"Sydney" "yes!"

"Please Harry" he pulled my dress up so my black thong was exposed. He rolled the condom on and started

"Damn your tight"

If I said anything I would cry so I kept it in and let Harry do his thing

"Okay I'm satisfied let's go in"

We walked in and the first thing I saw was Lou's welcoming smile

"Harry I thought we agreed no beautiful people at this party" he winked at me

"She only wishes she was beautiful" and he walked away leaving me and Lou alone.

"So are you guys dating?"Lou asked

He thinks we are but I don't want to"

My phone started ringing

*social services*

Oh great I thought are they going to remind me about me parents. I hit answer,

Hi miss Sydney?

Yep that's me

Were just calling to inform you we have found a family for you to live with.

Yay! Who is it??

It's a family of three, Anne, Gemma, and Harry last name: Styles. Here is her number 250-432-5715. Give her a call when your ready

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