Am i pretty now?

Sydney Campen 16, finds true love. Then like everything in her life it crumples. Her only escape is cutting, this time she cut a bit to deep ...


2. Facebook problem

Fuck I hate Monday mornings, I pick my phone up of my window sill *four unread messages*. Two from my bestfriend natasha one from Cameron another bully and one from madyson. Natasha's said:

Uh oh girl you better go on face book


Before reading the other message I pull out my laptop. Quickly patter my email and password into the designated bars.

Great just fucking great. Someone was in my fucking Facebook "FUCK" I screamed as I read the status: "someone spank me I'm feeling very naughty right now" *delete* let's hope no one saw that.

I check my message from Madyson:

M:Your such a whore

S: awe thanks

I check my message from Cameron

C: you horny slut I'll be there in five minutes I'm willing to spank that tight ass

Just then there was a knock on the door.

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