Still the One -Niall Horan love story

"Best friends forever and always." He said wrapping his small finger around mine. The thing he didn't know was how big my feelings were for him, more than a best friend. I was so close to telling my best friend until he went on the X-Factor without saying goodbye. I haven't talked to him or seen him in three years now. That he was Niall Horan, the one in the world famous boyband, One Direction.


21. The dream

"You bitch!" He spat in my face slapping me once again. I winced as his thick hand collided with my cheek, that had turned the color of a fire truck.

"But I-" I tried to get out of my soar face before he slapped me again. I let a sob escape from my mouth as I felt tears sting my cheeks. He kicked me in the stomach making me fall against the wall. I gripped my stomach in pain and gasped for breath. Only small winces of air escaped as my lungs begged me for air.

I saw saw him pull out a knife and slide it against my arm lightly-yet making a long mark that I knew would scar later.

"You should of listened to your mother the first time and come home to see me." My father said before shoving his blade into my stomach. I screamed with pain and everything went black-but the last thing I noticed was my mother in the back smirking.

I gasped and woke up, breathing heavily-just like the dream, and sweating like I had just run ten miles. I shook and started to sob. Tonight I got the bed all to myself, due to the boys all passing asleep on the living room floor. So, I was shaking. I don't know how I could think of my father all the sudden. I haven't ever had a dream about him-besides the year after he left us. But, even then I had never had such a cruel dream about him. I didn't know he could be such an ass. I didn't think it would be possible to even have a dream about him. Why now?

I was so shaken up. I finally stopped crying and pushed the tears away. I looked over at my clock on my phone.

10:30, it read in white letters at the beginning of my phone. I decided to get up. I walked into the kitchen seeing everyone awake. They all were humming and laughing as they jammed to music and El fed Louis pancakes. They all turned towards me and they're smiles faded,especially Niall's. He put the piece of bacon he had just been eating and rushed over to me.

"Baby,what's wrong?" He asked giving me a hug. I wrapped my arms around his body and embraced him. I wish I would of had him during the dream.

"Nothing, why would you think something's wrong?" I said replacing the face I had earlier with a fake smile.

He frowned at me and replied, "Your eyes are bloodshot, princess." He said cupping my cheeks with his hands; that felt a whole lot softer then my fathers had just felt in my dream. I smiled and lightly put my lips on his, keeping them there, but not moving.

"I assure you, I'm fine babe. I love you." I said whispering the last part. I smiled once more and his the fact that I could burst into tears in seconds.

"So, do we have any extra food? I'm starved!" I asked looking at the food.

El laughed and spoke up, "Of course, you want food. And yes, we have plenty Kace!" I laughed and looked at Niall, who looked in deep thought;as if he didn't believe I was fine, and he stared at me.

I went over and placed two banana nut pancakes on my plate, along with three pieces of bacon and a piece of sausage.

"What time are we leaving for the fair, baby cakes?" CeCe asked Harry in a joking mater. They have been acting like a couple for weeks now. Everyone ships them and calls they're romance Cerry! They actually have been getting more positive words then hate. But, there still is hate;when is there not going to be. Imagine millions of girls and 5 boys! I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a few who don't take it so well!

"I don't know babe! Better ask Liam. He's in charge." Harry said to Ce in just as much jokingness. Liam rolled his brownish eyes.

"In about two hours. And girls, you better be ready by then or we are just going to leave you here, while we go play football." Liam said. The boys nodded. They already hated the idea of going to the fair, so they wouldn't care.

"Yea, yea Daddy!" Perrie said taking his empty plate and putting theirs in the sink.

"Wait, we only have 2 hours to get ready?" Dani asked with wide eyes. Liam nodded. We all looked at each other and all raced to the bathroom to see who could get in first. We all collided as Perrie got in first. We all groaned and slumped back over to the table.

"Good lord El, your freaking elbow is harder then a brick!" Dani exclaimed rubbing her side. I rubbed my head from bumping my head on the wall. We were all groaning when we busted out into a fit of giggles.

"Yea, well maybe if Ce didn't shove me, I wouldn't have elbowed you." She said laughing. I buried my head in my hands and started laughing. I really don't know what I'm gonna do when I have to leave in a month to go back to Mullingar, while the boys continue touring, and the girls go back to they're regular life's. We all promised to go on next tour together, but I knew I would miss them in between the 1 year break.

Time passed on and I had finally finished my shower. I was second to last, so I'm going to be last. But the boys have their own showers too, so we didn't need to worry about them.

I got out and slipped on under garments. Then, I picked out skinny jeans and a lacy baby blue blouse. I put on a tank top, then put the blouse over it. Next I did my dance into my skinny jeans. I started jumping around and finally pulled them all the way up, and buttoned them. Really tight, just the way I like them. And I know, it sounds really weird, but they looked amazing on me. Really the only pair that stays up on my bubble but without a belt. After I was finished, I slipped on brown cowboy boots. They're my favorite pair of shoes.

I plugged in my curling iron and waited for it to heat up. When it finished heating up, I put in loose waves and added a gold headband that wrapped around my whole head. I personally thought it was so pretty. I put on mascara and eyeliner with eye shadow lightly and called it a day.

"I'm ready!" I said racing into the living room. Everyone looked up and smiled at me.

"You look absolutely gorgeous Princess." Niall said coming up to me.

"Hmmmm, you don't look so bad yourself, handsome." I said pecking his lips. Louis made a gagging noise and pointed a finger in his mouth.

"Oh come on Lou! You and El practically make out everywhere you go!" I exclaimed causing everyone to laugh besides El and Louis who were now blushing scarlet.

"Okay, enough," Liam said with a laugh. "We need to go and get this over with!" He said grabbing his coat. It was going to be chilly tonight.

"Hey!" All us girls said in unison. The boys looked at us with they're hands in the air surrendering.

"Okay I'll meet you guys in the car in a minute, I have to grab a jacket." I said before I ran in and grabbed my black NorthFace and remembered my dream slightly before shaking it off and heading in the car with my best friends.

A/N- HEY GUYS,I MISS YOU SOOOOO MUCH! Haha, I'm really sorry I haven't updated in a week(wow)! I've been so busy! But I have a break and am going to work on more chapters! The fair will be next, and then so on haha! Why do you think Kacey dreamed about her dad? Anyways I saw this is us 2 times again.....and Niall Horan retweeted my tweet, well not really, I thought so until I saw the page, the girl has Niall Horan as the name and his exact picture and @officialniallhoran I was sooo pissed, because I was freaking out! I scared my dog! They were from July, but I wanted to share them because their on my phone and I didn't have them on my iPod! But this was the first update with my iPhone! My case is soooo cute!! Haha sorry for rambling, in so excited! I just miss you guys! And I freaking miss Payzer!!:'( I don't like Sophiam! Anyway comment,follow and heart! I hope you enjoyed! Love you guys SOOOOOOOO MUCH! -Maddie :D

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