Still the One -Niall Horan love story

"Best friends forever and always." He said wrapping his small finger around mine. The thing he didn't know was how big my feelings were for him, more than a best friend. I was so close to telling my best friend until he went on the X-Factor without saying goodbye. I haven't talked to him or seen him in three years now. That he was Niall Horan, the one in the world famous boyband, One Direction.


6. The big day

I had just finished school and I was now in the process of walking home. Today was a day of hell.

First off, these douche bags kept trying to grab me. When I woke up my mother was laying naked with one of her boyfriends on the couch, and lastly all these girls found out about me getting the tickets so, I've been fighting off prissys all day.

I sighed when I walked through my screen door to my house. My house never did look bad until Dad left. Actually this neighborhood was quite nice if you ask anyone.

"Why are your bags packed, young lady?" My mothers bitcy voice rang through my ears right as I stepped in.

"Not like you should care anyway. Go back to fucking guys and leave me the hell alone!" I said shutting my door in her face.

Even though I don't like my mother, I felt bad. But, nothings stopping me from getting out of here. I can't wait! The only thing that kept a smile on my face during the day was thinking about finally seeing my best friend\the one I love tonight!I've never met the actual band before. Weird right, considering I'm his best friend... Well I don't know if I am or not due to his 4 band mats that have all replaced me in matter of 3 years, when I've been in his life for 10.

I heard a honk outside my house and I quickly picked up my bags with clothes, straightners, curlers,hair accesorries, makeup,shoes and a cosmetic bag for extra crap.

Before I walked out of the house I called, "Gonna be gone for a few days, try to stay outta trouble." Hopefully that will work.

I finally got outside of the hell hole and hopped into CeCe's white Tahoe truck. It was really nice and we would be comfortable.

"Hey girl! I'm tired, hope you don't mind but Im gonna take a nap." I said followed by a yawn.

She smiled and said, "No problem." I smiled in return and felt my eyes getting heavier and heavier, until I was out.




I woke up to the sound of the car coming to a holt.

"We're here!" She said as she parked in a parking spot at the Marriot Hotel.

I had made reservations last night at ten for a 1bed bedroom.

"Okay!! Let's go get unpacked! In our room!" I said excitedly as I hopped out of the car so fastly.

When we finally checked in, we went upstairs in our room to get ready. I started putting small loose waves in Ce's hair. When I was done, I added a side French braid and worked on her makeup. I put on black eyeliner and mascara with purple smoky eyeshadow and light pink blush.

When I was done she started straightning my hair. She twisted my bangs and did the same makeup for me except I had blue eyeshadow. I looked in the mirror at the two of us, we looked AMAZAYN!

"Let's get dressed!" she nodded and I scurried in my bag. I picked out a blue and silver loose tanktop with a navy blue pencil skirt. The shirt was shorter causing my bellybutton piercing to show just a tad. CeCe wore the same except in purple. For finishing touches we added hoop earrings and our color flip flops with silver clutches,

"Wow we look good!" CeCe said. I laughed and nodded agreeing with her. I looked at the time, 4:30!

"Crap, CeCe the concert starts in 20 minutes let's go!!" She looked at me wide eyed as we zipped out of the hotel room and started driving to the outdoor venue!!

I just hope I see my prince!

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