Still the One -Niall Horan love story

"Best friends forever and always." He said wrapping his small finger around mine. The thing he didn't know was how big my feelings were for him, more than a best friend. I was so close to telling my best friend until he went on the X-Factor without saying goodbye. I haven't talked to him or seen him in three years now. That he was Niall Horan, the one in the world famous boyband, One Direction.


13. Meeting the girls

My eyes fluttered open and I yawned, and squinted trying to get my vision back. I put on my glasses and got up walking into the kitchen area.

Everyone was already up and eating. I noticed the tour bus moving, wondering why we were leaving at 9:30 in the morning.

"Morning, Kace." CeCe said coming over and putting here dishes that were covered in syrup in the dishwasher.

"Moring Ce. Why are we already moving. And who are these girls?" I said smiling over at them, which they greatly returned.

"We got a early start, and this is Eleanor, Perrie and Dani." Liam said pointing at the three girls. I smiled and waved. They must of gotten here this morning. I looked out of the corner of my eyes and saw Niall looking at me, I just looked away.

"Im Kacey and you guys have probably already met my best friend, CeCe." I said grabbing Ce's arm.

"Yep. She's quite the talker too." Perrie said with a giggle. I laughed along with CeCe.

"The boys have a meet and greet today, so I was thinking we could all go shopping when we arrive and get to know each other more?" Eleanor suggusted. I nodded fastly.

"Yes that would be fun! CeCe, you up for it?" I asked her. She nodded just as I saw Dallia coming out of the bathroom.

"Morning babe." Niall said going over and kissing her, she kissed him harder and longer.

I rolled my eyes and I saw all the girls do the same. I could already tell that we were going to be so close. And I'm glad they have the same hatred for her as me and CeCe do.

"Looks like we're here guys. Boys go and start getting ready." Paul said. The boys nodded and scrambled to their rooms.

Once we were all alone, well us girls, Dallia leaned over to me and said, "Don't think about stealing my boyfriend, you little whore." I scoffed and rolled my eyes, tuning to Dani and trying to keep in a laugh.

"Okay girls go get ready. We need to leave in 45 minutes." Dani said. I nodded and I started heading in my room direction.

I walked in and saw Niall buck naked looking for clothes. I gasped and covered my eyes.

"Kacey, what are you doing in here?" He said grabbing his towel. I uncovered my eyes and couldn't help but notice his muscular body.

"I-I needed clothes for the girls shopping trip." I said going to the dressers.

"Oh okay. Is Dallia going with you guys?" He asked.

"God, I hope not- I mean no, I don't think so." I said catching myself.

"Why?" He said getting mad.

"I don't know, maybe the girls." I said shrugging. He nodded angrily and started getting dressed. I sighed and walked in the bathroom slipping on my British flag skinny jeans with a white blouse. After I got dressed, I straightened my hair to perfection and applied mascara and eye liner,then walked out of the bathroom.

"Im ready. You guys wanna head out now?" I asked the 5 girls on the couch, one playing with her phone and the other four smiling at me and nodding.

"Yep! There's rental cars outside just for us, we'll take those." Eleanor said pointing to the cars.

"Okay, why don't we tell a little about ourselves?" Perrie said.

We all nodded besides Dallia and started.

"Okay, I'm Perrie Edwards, I'm in little mix, but we're currently taking a year brake and my boyfriend is Zayn." She said with a smile. Next was Eleanor.

"I'm Eleanor Calder and I'm a model, also my boyfriend is Louis the tommo- Tomlinson." She said laughing, probably refrencing Lou, himself.

"Alrighty, Im Danielle Peazer, but call me Dani, I'm a dancer and my boyfriend is Liam Payne, also known as Daddy Direction." She said proudly, we all giggled. We waited for Dallia, but she was messing with her phone, so we got her attention and she sighed dirastically.

"Im Dallia Jeart. I'm a pagent queen and my boyfriend is Niall Horan." She said with a smirk, directly at me. I wanted to pounce at her, but I knew Niall would get pissed at me and I couldn't risk loosing him again.

"Im CeCe, but feel free to call me Ce. I do travel tennis and I currently have no boyfriend, but I am crushing on Harry." She said really fast. We all ohhed as Dallia kept playing with her phone.

"Im Kacey Millikan, I do gymnastics and I have no boyfriend, and my best friend is Niall Horan." I said. The girls nodded as Perrie continued to drive.

We finally got there and Dallia left to go shopping by herself. Which we didn't care.

"Lets get food." I said going to the food court.

"Guess you really are Niall's best friend." Eleanor said with a laugh, Dani agreeing.

"Yea we've practically known each other our whole lives." I said staring off in the distance.

Dani, Eleanor and Perrie all gave me a look. When we got our food, we all sat down.

"Okay spill it about you and Niall." Dani said taking a sip of her tea. Eleanor and Perrie nodded telling me to go on, while Ce shoved chicken down her throat.

"Well Niall and I have been best friends since umm like second grade and as time grew I fell in love with him. And when he left for the X-Factor he didn't even say bye, which broke my heart. We haven't kept contact since last week. I finally saw him again. And Im still madly in love with him, maybe even stronger these days." I said truthfully. The girls 'awwed'. "And now he has a girlfriend, so there's no hope for me and him." I said sadly. Dani shook her head.

"No! You are gonna get that boy, Dallia makes everyone miserable, besides Niall. And trust me I can see it by the look in his eye, how much he loves you. I have a way to get him." Dani said not taking no for a answer.

"How?" I asked.

"Well, she's a cheater, I've caught her like two times snogging other guys, that doesn't even include the time El, Perrie and the lads caught her. And we told Niall, but he didn't believe us. So, if we get proof, then we hopefully can bust her. Let's go look for her now." Dani said excitedly. I laughed and followed her.

Just as Dani's predictions she was kissing a boy, hard and passionetly. I shushed everyone as Dani pulled out her phone.

She took a perfect picture! There was no denying that, that wasn't her and it couldn't of been photoshopped. I clapped and we walked back to our table. "Here let me go on Twitter and post anomysly." Dani said. I saw her quickly moving her thumbs and she finally posted it. "Done. And no one will ever know it's us. You hear me girls, don't tell a soul, even your boyfriends." Dani said. They nodded.

"Hey, can I see what you posted?" I asked. She nodded and gave me her phone.

Annonumus- looks like Dallia has explaining to do..... I caught her at the local mall

And at the bottom was the photo. And lots of hashtags. #dalliaisacheater #poorniall

It was instantly retweeting. I saw already a million retweets and that was three minutes ago.

"Did you take off the device tracker, so they can't locate it back to you?" I asked. Dani nodded.

"Okay guys, let's go shopping." El said. We got up and started at Areopostle. Hopefully Niall will see it.

*Nialls POV*

We had just finished the meet and great. It went amazing but girls kept giving me sympethetic looks, I wonder why. I checked my Twitter and saw something trending, already 100 million retweets, dang. I was waiting for it to load. It finally loaded and what I saw, made tears spring to my eyes.

I really loved Dallia, and this photo was not photoshopped, you could just tell.

I'm going to break up with her tonight. I should of believed the boys all those times. And man, she was so rude to Kace. Plus she was kind of bratty.

"I should of believed you and the girls." I said showing the boys my phone.

"We know, we saw. We're really sorry Niall." Liam said I smiled sadly as we continued home in our orange van.

When we got home, the girls weren't home yet, so I started going through Dallias stuff and throwing it in her suitcase.

I finally finished and pulled her passport along with it, so she could fly back.

"We're hommmmeee!" Perrie sung walking through the door with all girls. I looked at Dallia, she looked happy as ever. She probably didn't know what was posted.

"Dallia, can I have a word please?" I asked.

She nodded and said, "Sure babe." She followed me in the room. I closed the door.

"I want you out tonight. Your bags are packed, your passport and ticket is laying out, and the flight is arranged." I said stricktly.

She laughed and said,"Nice joke Ni." She said coming and putting her lips on mine. I quickly shoved her off.

"I don't want to see your face ever again. NOW GET OUT DAMNIT!" I said shoving her bags toward her and showing her my phone. She looked taken back but said, "Bye." She left with a smirk on her face and left the bus laughing.

"Well, we will never see her again. I'm going to bed see you in the morning." I said. They all said their nights.

"Oh and I'm sorry for not believing you guys. I love you guys." I went in my room and tried to fall asleep.

I don't know why, but I couldn't get Kacey's face, when she found out about me and Dallia, out of my head.

*Kaceys POV*

I saw Niall push Dallia out and he almost looked relieved. For the first time on this tour, I felt like me and Niall where finally going to reconnect.

A\N- man that was long! Finally Dallia is out of the way! The Nacey romance will be here VERY soon!!:D oh and just act like Dani and Liam are still together, even though they broke up which I'm very sad about. They broke up on my birthdayy, May 5!! And Im not a Elounor fan, I'm a Larry fan but I love El soo yea!! Keep liking,hearting and commenting and folllowing! I need feedback and give me suggustions!! Love you guys!! -Maddie :D

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