New Walls (Sequel To Crumbling Walls)

Mariella's wall isn't crumbling anymore, thanks to her boyfriend Niall and all of her friends. But what will they do when Mariella becomes pregnant at 17? And what will they do when a close friend follows in her footsteps?
(1D not famous)




    I, Hayley Horan, hereby proclaim that New Walls is officially UNCANCELLED!! The reason I've been gone is, though it's technically not a valid reason by most standards, I made a Wattpad account and I got addicted to the app. (btw, my account is _phenomoniall_ follow me plz cuz I have stories on there too) I will try to update weekly to this book and if I can't then I'm sorry in advance. I have to re-read this whole story and go from the last chapter but there will be a real chapter either really late tonight or insanely early tomorrow (I plan to work through the night) - Hayley Horan

NOTE: I have asked a friend of mine to rewrite the first chapter so the story fits its rating (btw, no I haven't learned how to properly write a scene like that so I asked for help)

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