New Walls (Sequel To Crumbling Walls)

Mariella's wall isn't crumbling anymore, thanks to her boyfriend Niall and all of her friends. But what will they do when Mariella becomes pregnant at 17? And what will they do when a close friend follows in her footsteps?
(1D not famous)


2. The Party That Started It All


   Mariella's P.O.V.

 "This party is crazy! Best 17th birthday party ever! I can't believe how many people can fit in our apartment, Niall!" I shout over the music.

  "I can't believe it either! Happy 17th birthday, babe!" he says, kissing me. Louis hops up onto the stage (the island in the kitchen) and clears his throat. 

 "And now, ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present, Niall and Mariella singing Airplanes by Hayley Wiliams and B.o.B!" he shouts. The crowd goes wild as Niall and I replace Louis' spot on the "stage". Zayn starts the karaoke version on the speakers and we get set. I know Ni's been practicing the rap for a while now. I take a deep breath and start.

 Here comes Ni's rap! I think as I finish the first verse. Niall gives me a fist bump when he finishes the first rap verse that segways back to me. When the song is over, my heart is racing and I'm a bit out of breath, and Ni looks the same way. How do they do it?

I was about to sit on the couch with Niall, Perrie, Harry, and Zayn when Jannsen grabbed my arm and pulled me outside and we stood in front of the door.

"Hey Jannsen, what's up?" I ask, leaning on the door.

"Three things: one, you and Niall killed that performance!"

"Thanks! You and Harry did an amazing job earlier tonight." 

"Thank you! Two, the 'The 3 Ratchet Hatchets' are here." 

"Oh God, kill me now!" I say, rolling my eyes.

"Three, you goin' get some tonight?" Jannsen asks in her "ghetto gurl" voice.

"I don't know, what the fuck kind of question is that anyway?" I answer, playfully pushing her back.

"An honest one, now the answer?"

"I don't know, I'll have to see where the night takes us." I answer, jokingly pulling the neck of my shirt down.

"Same here with Harry and I."

"We need to be careful though. I'm not exactly trying to be on MTV, you know." 

"Oh whatever! Let's go back in, the 'Ratchets' are probably waiting for us." Jannsen replies, grabbing my arm and opening the door.

"Oh joy!" I say sarcastically as she drags me through the door. We meet Harry and Niall back on the couch and Kaitlynn walks up to us. 

"Ugh, why are you losers here?" she asks, eyeing us. 

"Um, actually, this is Mariella's 17th birthday party and she lives here with Niall, Louis, and Abby." Harry declares. She looks at me with a face that looks like she is giving birth to Wolverine through her bumhole, so I give her a winning smile and wave politely. She rolls her eyes and struts away, flipping her hair in Abby's face. She pushes Kaitlynn's head aside before disappearing back into the crowd. We all burst out laughing and we enjoy the rest of the night.

After everyone has gone, Niall and I are about to go to bed. I think about what Jannsen and I were talking about earlier tonight. I change into an old t-shirt and some short shorts I sleep in and join Niall on our bed.

"You know . . . it is my birthday. " I say, scooting closer to him. Niall puts his arm around me and kisses me gently. We kiss longer, and he slowly takes off my shirt while take off his. I take off his basketball shorts and he takes off my own. We undress until we are naked, our fingers running up and down each others' bodies. He gets on top of me and finds my sweet spot. "Faster, faster!" I almost moan. I hit my climax, and Niall did soon after. He laid down next to me, our breaths fast and thankful. We get under the covers and I fall asleep in his arms. 

"Happy birthday, Mariella." Niall whispers into my ear as I drift off to sleep with a smile on my face.

A/N: (this is coming from the mind of a virgin. all of this information is coming from my very perverted friends. sorry if any of this is incorrect!)


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