New Walls (Sequel To Crumbling Walls)

Mariella's wall isn't crumbling anymore, thanks to her boyfriend Niall and all of her friends. But what will they do when Mariella becomes pregnant at 17? And what will they do when a close friend follows in her footsteps?
(1D not famous)


5. Shit Happens


 Mariella's P.O.V.

 My phone rings from the kitchen and I run to answer it. I know it's Jannsen from the picture of her doing her "fierce face". 

"Hey Janney, what's happenin'?" I ask, leaning on the counter. I pick at a scuff mark left from Louis' shoe at the party. The party that started all of this.

"I don't know what to do Mariella! I just took a test and . . . you can fill in the blanks." 

"Oh Lord Jesus, help us! I don't know what you should do, 'cause shit happens. Talk it out with Harry and you'll be all right." I reassure her. She thanks me and hangs up the phone. I sigh and walk back into the nursery where everyone was waiting. Abby and Louis leave the room, and Niall and I sit on the ground against the wall. He puts his arm around me and holds my hand. 

"What'cha thinking about" Niall asks me, noticing I am deep in thought. 

"Life." I answer, looking at my stomach. I can't see my bump in my loose shirt but I know it's there. Niall moves some loose strands of hair from in front of my eyes and kisses me. We smile in the kiss and pull away slowly. I love him so much. The "3 Ratchet Hatchets" can go fuck themselves. My phone rings and I answer it without looking at the contact. An all too familiar voice rings through the phone.

"Hey slut! Sorry, did we interrupt you sleeping with the rest of the football team?" Kaitlynn asks.

"Just because Niall's captain of the football team, doesn't mean I slept with the whole fucking team! And why do you still have my number, you bitch? Stop fucking calling me!" I shout into the phone, hanging up before she can make some kind of rude comment. This sucks. I'm a pregnant 17 year old who is hated by just about her whole school with a circle of friends who are hated because they hang out with me. 

This isn't my fault, or Niall's fault. It's nobody's fault. Because no matter who you are, shit happens.

And nobody should be blamed for that.

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