New Walls (Sequel To Crumbling Walls)

Mariella's wall isn't crumbling anymore, thanks to her boyfriend Niall and all of her friends. But what will they do when Mariella becomes pregnant at 17? And what will they do when a close friend follows in her footsteps?
(1D not famous)


4. Realizations


  Mariella's P.O.V.

*A Few Weeks Later*

  I wake up feeling sick to my stomach. It isn't long before I am on my knees throwing up into the toilet while Niall holds my hair back. He carries me back to bed and tucks me in like a small child.

"Do you need anything baby?" Ni asks me in a whisper. I shake my head no and he leaves, softly closing the door behind him. I am laying in bed about three hours later when a sudden realization hits me like a punch in the face. My period is late. About a week late, actually. I am out of bed, calling Jannsen, getting dressed, and driving to her flat before I even know what I am doing. Jannsen is at her front door before I park my car. I tell her about my late period.

"Me too. Everyone else is here. I tried calling your house, but Niall answered and said you were feeling sick." she says. She hugs me tight and led me inside. 

"I'm late!" I yell when I get inside.

"Yeah, it's like, 12:30 . . ."Abby begins.

"No, not like that. My period." I shout as a tear runs down my cheek. Everyone gasps, and Jannsen guides me to the couch. 

"Did you take a test yet?" Jolene asks.

"No, not yet. But I got sick this morning, I've been wanting to eat strange things, I've gained a bit of weight, and and my period's late." I explain.

The room is silent. We all know it adds up, it's just that nobody wants to admit it. Until one of us breaks the silence.

"We need to get you some tests." Perrie declares, standing up. After we've driven to the nearest Walgreen's, I venture down the aisles in search of a pregnancy test. Every step I take feels like a small fraction of the walk of shame I've forced upon myself. I purchase the tests and hurry back to my flat. I run straight to the bathroom, but Niall sees us come inside.

"Mariella, you're feeling better?" he asks. I heave a sigh and look him in the eyes.

"Ni, I might be pregnant." His eyes widen as he remembers my birthday.

"We didn't use a condom, did we?"

"Oh shit. Well, there it is. I'm screwed." I say, walking into the bathroom with the tests. I unwrap one after another, taking three for good measure. I have to tell you, peeing on that stick is the hardest thing I've ever done. I lay them out on a paper towel and exit the bathroom. I set the timer on my phone for two minutes and lean up against the wall. How am I going to graduate? What about money? The beeping of my phone yanks me from my thoughts. Niall and I slowly walk into the bathroom and freeze. All three read positive. I sink to my knees, now crying. All of the color drains from Niall's face and he takes my hand and pulls me into his arms.

"We'll get through this together, everything is going to be fine." he reassures me.

"Niall, wake the fuck up. We are only 17 years old. We haven't even graduated high school yet. What are we going to do? I don't believe in abortion and I couldn't bear to give up my child when it's born."

"Then we only have one option. To raise this child." he says, kissing me on the cheek. We walk out of the bathroom and face everyone.

"Well?" Abby asks carefully. I nod, and walk into my bedroom. I hear everyone freaking the fuck out after I've left.

*The Next Day*

 The bullying at school has gotten ten times worse since someone posted a picture of me buying the pregnancy tests on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Everyone has been saying that I got pregnant on purpose just to get attention and have been calling me names, none I haven't heard before of course. I'm just glad the physical abuse has stopped, for obvious reasons. School lets out in about six months, and I know I'll be showing at least a little by this Friday. I don't know if I'll be able to wear a hoodie in late May and early June. 

 When Niall, Abby, Louis, and I got home, I get a call from Brad. I really don't want to speak to him after everything he's done, but I answer anyway. 

"Hey slut, I heard that Niall boy got you knocked up. Andrew said you might want your old crib and some other baby shit that's up in the attic from Ireland that your mother wouldn't let me throw away. Come by and get it now or I will throw it out." 

No conversation, no goodbye, no nothing. Niall and I drive to Brad's house and knock on the door. Brad flings the door open and storms back inside. We walk in, up the stairs, and pull down the attic door. Andrew actually helps us get the stuff down from the attic and into the car.

"Hey, Mariella. Do you have a second?" Andrew asks while Niall is at the car.

"Um, yeah. What's up?"

"I just wanted to apologize on Brad's behalf for the past couple of years. I would have stopped him, but he hits me too." he says, running his fingers through his straight, gingery hair. 

"Thank you, and you should try to leave like I did or tell someone. Soon, before it gets serious. I left as soon as I could because he raped me. Twice. Get out as fast as you can." I tell him. He covers his mouth with his hand when I tell him about the rape. He nods and takes a box out to Niall's car. 

After arriving home, Abby and Louis help Niall and I set up the nursery. We cleared out the spare bedroom and put together the crib and changing table. We are going to paint the room when we know the gender of the baby.

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