Forbidden love

Emily used to have a normal life . Everything's changed since her older brother auditioned for the X-Factor . People never see the real her until "He" does . The boy she's secretly loved since Day 1 . But the only difficult thing about dating him is . We'll they can't date


9. Chapter 8

I went to the cabin . All my roommates we're still at dinner . I got my bag , I managed to look inside it . There was // hair brush , toothbrush , perfume , deodorant , mini shampoos , and undergarments and a phone charger , and In the pocket was 1,000 dollars.

My mum must've packed this because I do not remember packing anything at all . The only thing I packed was I stole the money from my mum .

I grabbed my bag and snuck to the back of the cabin . I noticed a entry to the camp . I ran to the sign . It read // Missy's Booty Camp . I almost barfed .

I almost ran to the sign when I heard someone call my name . I cursed under my breath and turned around . " Emily , where are you going ?" It was Anne my new friend . " Anne I just need to go somewhere I don't like it here." She nodded and looked down .

" Emily can I go with you ?" I was shocked she seemed like a goody goody , I smiled " Sure Anne but you can't be scared !" She nodded . " Ok Anne go get your stuff and meet me back here don't get caught !"

She ran off . I sat down behind a tree and waited for her . I must've dozed off when Anne came back . " Hey Emily I'm ready !" I got up and nodded . We carefully walked out of the camp .

Before we knew it , we were off . I don't know where I'm going but I'm finding my way . To Niall James horan .

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