Forbidden love

Emily used to have a normal life . Everything's changed since her older brother auditioned for the X-Factor . People never see the real her until "He" does . The boy she's secretly loved since Day 1 . But the only difficult thing about dating him is . We'll they can't date


3. Chapter 3

He hugged me . It was my big brother Harry . I welcomed him in . " Hey Hazza ! How's the tour been ?" He smiled and picked up his thumb . Which meant it's been going well . " Where's mum , Emily ?" I realized I forgot mum was coming . " Oh she should be back from work in about 15 minutes " he smiled . " So how's school going ?" I I lied . " Great it's going great there's loads of nice people !" He smirked . " Your lying Emily ." He went to the bookcase and grabbed my school yearbook from middle school . He pointed to my 6th grade picture . " This is Emily Marie Styles ." I smiled . I was about to pour it all out , about the notes , the people who hate me , and all the people who pretended to be friends with me just because of Harry , but them mum walked in . " She screamed Haarryyy ! , and she ran to hug him . We gathered for dinner . After the tasty meal , I went to my room and started crying and crying and crying . Harry knocked on my door . I quickly wiped up my tears . " yeah what is it Harry ?" He coughed and said " why are you crying ?" I let him in and told him literally everything . He took out my laptop and logged on to his twitter . He typed . : People not understanding my sister @EmilyMStyles I don't appreciate it . I smiled and hugged him . " I got out my iPhone and took a selfie with my big brother . We made silly faces , and duck faces and we were just being us . I felt as if everything was back to normal . Until I realized that Harry couldn't be home forever . " So how long are you gonna be here hazza ?" He looked at my calendar ." About like 2 weeks ." I hugged him and whispered in his ear " I missed you "

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