Perfect Is My Goal

Is it possible to feel this way about someone that you've never met before? Someone you found on the internet? Someone you know you will never have a connection more than the calls, the texts, the emails. This is all to much for me, Violet McDowell, I need to meet him. I need him. He's helped me through so much. More than anyone close to you in physical ways. Him in UK me in the USA is there any possible way? We shall find out soon. Does he feel the same way? I hope he does.


1. [chapter one]

I have been bored a lot lately. I decided to go on a website.  Yep one of those that you talk to strangers, yeah that. I was soooooo unicorning bored!!!! 

I decided to do an interest as 'Unicorns' I love them. Oh oh and yeah im that girl that isn't really that popular or doesn't have the most friends, or even gets bullied.... every single day of  life. 

No one knew. Until one day I meet this one guy on this website.  That day at school I was called a slut, whore, and bitch. I was only 15 for goodness sakes.


*School bell rings to exchange classes*

'Hey SLUT did i say you were alowwed to walk down my hallway, you fucking whore." Said a popular girl named Sierra.

"Did anyone give you permission to call me a slut or whore?!" I shouted back.

"Oh my god people did you hear that the thing talks! Im suprised!" Sierra shouted back.

"I need to get to class so excuse me" I said back while smiling.  I look up to see my best friend waiting for me by the water fountain looking down at her phone with a huge smile on her face. What?

''You look happy Tay." I  said with a smile, but that quickly changed into tears running down my face when  I heard her say..
"You fucking whore, stay away from me and my boyfriend Tyler you slut! Never talk to me again!!!!" She said while walking over to her new boyfriend Tyler and going up to kiss him...

Well I lost my best friend and she was my life, but I still have a life ahead of me. 

~*End of flashback*~

I cringed at the thought of loosing my best friend to some stupid popular guy. 

I just looked down and tryed to concentrate on the website where i was now talking to a new stranger.

Hello love xx -H

Hey, and whats up  with the love and xx? -V

Well its this thing we british people do... im guessing your not from around here? xx -H

Nope not at all, i've always wanted to visit but i know that won't ever happen... but thats awesome, what's your name H? -V

My name is Harry, what is your name V? xx -H

Oh love the name are you harry like a unicorn?! that is a must answer question! oh and by the way my name is Violet.-V

Wow, that is a very pretty and unique name I like it, and no I am not harry like a unicorn.. xx-H

What? I mean I don't get it how are you being nice... to me? -V

What do you mean love? xx -H

Just  that at school everyone calls me stuff.... and is always mean to me... and you're actually being nice. -V

Oh.. well you seem nice and if you are nice to me i'll be nice to you love xx -H

Well at least while we have this little time, its nice to have someone that is nice to me. -V

Well let's get to know each other a little more. How old are you? xx -H

Im 15, what about you love? xx-V

Woah now are we mimiking me now? mhmm anyways im 15 also.. xx -H

Haha how could you ever guess xD ok..... Where are you from?-V

I'm from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England. What about you  love? xx -H

I'm from Tennessee, USA, and if you are going to ask if I have a country accent, the answer is yes... xD -V

Well you are a good guesser because that is exactly what i was gonna say. Ok, um do you have a cell phone? xx -H

Yes I do, Harry, do you?-V

Good thing you do because you will be getting my number so we will text everyday, and that way you know you really are truly beautiful! xx-H

I was smiling the biggest i could possibly be smiling. I couldn't wait for him to text me tomorrow... Well it's late better get to sleep.


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