He's Hiding Something

I was a normal teenage girl... Then he came.... He changed everything... You could say he changed my life for the worst... But, I think he changed it for the better... He may not be normal... But, I love him... And, he loves me... I guess all I really need is love... I maybe a Christian, who fell for something most people say is a monster... But, he's not... He's the opposite... He's kind, he's loving... Not many people know, how his kind really is.... Many people don't even believe in his kind... I didn't before this all happened...


5. Characters -Pics and short bio-

-Austin Barnett-



-Juliet Jackson-


-Kira Cander-


-Mackenzie Orso-


-Jackson Jones-


-Alex Chapman-


-Matthew Ion-


-Melissa Maxwell-


-Caroline Kennedy-



-Noah Alexson-


-Jordan Canard-


-Short Bio on Characters-

Austin- Rebecca's crush, he is also crushing on Rebecca...

Juliet- Rebecca's best friend. Secretly has a crush on Jackson...

Kira- Rebecca's friend. Is known for her hair...

Mackenzie- Rebecca's friend. Is known for her blue & purple hair...

Jackson- Rebecca's friend. Secretly has a crush on Juliet...

Alex- Rebecca's friend. Has asked out Rebecca and Juliet before...

Matthew- Rebecca's friend. Is Juliet's cousin. Likes Rebecca...

Melissa- Rebecca's friend. Is in love with penguins...

Caroline-  Rebecca's friend. Noah's 2nd cousin...

Noah- Rebecca's friend. Has a crush on Rebecca since 4th grade. Caroline's 2nd cousin...

Jordan- Rebecca's friend. Loves 'The Hunger Games' movies.



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