He's Hiding Something

I was a normal teenage girl... Then he came.... He changed everything... You could say he changed my life for the worst... But, I think he changed it for the better... He may not be normal... But, I love him... And, he loves me... I guess all I really need is love... I maybe a Christian, who fell for something most people say is a monster... But, he's not... He's the opposite... He's kind, he's loving... Not many people know, how his kind really is.... Many people don't even believe in his kind... I didn't before this all happened...


7. Chapter 4 -Stay away from me!-

Chapter 4 -Stay away from me!-

-Louis' P.O.V.-

I turned to see Rebecca, her eyes filled with fear. "Rebecca..." I said. I looked into Austin's eyes. "You will forget this ever happened. You never talked to Rebecca after school, or me. Now walk home." I compelled. Austin nodded, and started to walk home. "What was that." Rebecca asked afraid. "I made him forget." I said. "Is that what your going to do to me?" She asks. "Only if I have to." I said. "Please don't." She said. I nodded. "Now, can you please let me explain?" I asked. "I'm sorry but, no. I don't want to have anything to do with you. Your not aloud in my home anymore, we will only talk in science to get our project done, we will get it done then. But, other than in science I just want you to stay away from me." She said. "Please Rebecca-" "No! Stay away from me!" She yelled, and ran away. I'm such an idiot! I looked around, no one was there, except Rebecca who was running away from me to her house. Austin was outta sight now. I quickly ran to my new house. (In vampire super speed.)  I kicked a wooden chair, and broke it. Then I saw a flower pot, and slammed it on the ground. I ended up braking, 2 wooden chairs, a flower pot, 4 glasses, 3 porcelain plates, a clock, and my laptop. I was upset okay? I know this isn't right, but, I'm starting to feel something for Rebecca. I know it can't work but, I can't help it!

-Rebecca's P.O.V.-

I cried on my bed. Nothing felt real to me anymore. I felt all alone. What happened today, scarred me. A part of me wishes i would have let him make me forget but, the other part of me never wants to forget. Part of me is scared of him, the other part feels more attracted to him. I want to run and hide from him, but I also want to let him explain and stay with him forever. And, if I were to be with him, part of me is afraid he will hurt me, the other part makes me feel like he could keep me safe from anything and anyone. I honestly don't know what to think...   

-Author's Note-

Thank you so much for everything you are all so amazing! Well... For you all to know... Since this is a One Direction/Vampire Diaries fanfic.... Louis has a daylight ring, like they do in 'The Vampire Diaries.' Also, unlike 'The Vampire Diaries', they do not have to be invited to come inside the house, unless you get this special thing, to keep your home safe... Whicth will be introduce later in the story... Love you!


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