He's Hiding Something

I was a normal teenage girl... Then he came.... He changed everything... You could say he changed my life for the worst... But, I think he changed it for the better... He may not be normal... But, I love him... And, he loves me... I guess all I really need is love... I maybe a Christian, who fell for something most people say is a monster... But, he's not... He's the opposite... He's kind, he's loving... Not many people know, how his kind really is.... Many people don't even believe in his kind... I didn't before this all happened...


4. Chapter 2 -What Happened?-

Chapter 2 -What Happened?-

-Skip rest of school day-

-Rebecca's P.O.V.-

"Hi." Louis said, from behind me, making me jump. "Oh! There you are! Ok, lets go. I walk home if that's alright." I said. He nodded. "Me too." He said. "Awesome, well, when we got enough done today, I can drive you home. I have a car, I just don't drive it to school, since i'm so close." I said, while we walk out of the school. "No. It's fine. Where do you live?" He asked. "9834, Main Street." I said. "Oh. I live only a couple houses down from you, 9832, Main Street." He said. I nodded. "So you are the new person, who lives on our road..." I said. He nodded. "But, I thought everyone said there was only one person living there..." I continued. "Um... Yeah, my parents are um, dead." He said. "OMG! I'm so sorry! I didn't know..." I said. But, wouldn't they have him, live with other family, or an orphanage? Oh, well... We, reached to my house, I unlocked the door, and we walked inside. "Nice place." He said. "Thanks." "Where are your parents?" He asked. "Business trips." I answered. "So... Where do we start?" He shrugged.  "Well... We could start with the dog... Lets gather grass lots of it... To fill the dog." He said. Well.... Okay then... I grab to bags, and when, I was getting them, I didn't notice and one had a thumbtack on it, and I stupidly put my hand on it, it didn't go far, but did cut my hand a little, making it bleed. Oh well. I turned around, and Louis.... Was.... Gone? What just happened? That was weird....

-Louis' P.O.V-

When she cut her hand, I had no choice, but to run, or she would find out.... Or, I would have hurt hurt, heal her, and compel her to forget, which I didn't want to have to do.... She is different.... She is special.... I can't fall in love with her though... I don't want to hurt her....

-Rebecca's P.O.V.-

-Skip to 1st hour at School-

I walked over to Louis. "Okay. I need answers! What happened last night? You just disappeared!" I asked. "Oh.... Um... I left." He answered. "Yeah... I figured that out! Why?" He looked like he was trying to think. "M-my parents said I had to come home." He said. "I thought you said they died?" He looked nervous. "They did..." Okay this is confusing me. "Whatever..." He is mysterious... I like it...

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