The Victor Episode 3

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  • Published: 30 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 30 Nov 2013
  • Status: Complete
A well requested battle


1. Deadpool vs Deathstroke

Deadpool is sitting on his couch at his apartment watching TV and eating pizza when suddenly a figure is lurking out at him outside his window. 
Deadpool: Well let’s see what's happening? *flicks through channels on the TV. Stranger lurking.. psst boring, Someone behind you.. Seen it,  Stranger... damn. It's like the writer is trying to tell me something.
*A pistol firing is heard and hits Deadpool directly in the head. *
*Deadpool falls down.*
Deathstroke comes in through the window and looks down at Deadpool lying down.
Deathstroke: Well that was easy. I don't know why they had so much trouble killing this idiot. 
All of a sudden Deadpool hops up to his feet. 
DP: Oww that can really give a dude a headache. 
*DS looks surprised by this.*
DP: Hey I heard of you. You’re Deathstroke. You’re an assassin just like me. 
*Deadpool takes out a camera and puts his arm around DS and snaps pictures.*
DP: This is so going on my Twitter.
*Deadpool goes to tweet but Deathstroke but Deathstroke knocks his cell phone out of his hands and stomps it on the ground.
DP: Hey! I still had 20 minutes left on that. You’re going down.
DS: You’re an idiot.
DP: That’s just how I’m written.
DS: Wha
DP punches DS before he can even get a chance to say the word and the punch knocks DS back a few steps.
DS: This could be interesting.
Deadpool and Deathstroke engage in combat furiously, blocking each other’s moves until DS gives a strong punch right to Dead pool’s gut. Relentless to stop he keeps nailing left and rights on Deadpool, knocking him down. DS goes to ground him but DP leaps up, kicking DS right in the face. 
DP: BOOM!!!  
*punches DS*
* Another punch.
DP: “Chuck Norris Style” 
*Roundhouse kick to Deathstroke’s face.* 
Just as it seems DP has the advantage he makes the great mistake of grabbing DS’s stomach and trying to throw him through the glass door in his apartment by the balcony. DS was stronger him by far and DP ended up being thrown the glass and crashed right into the metal bars on the side.   
DP: Man, look what you did! I just had that fixed! 
DS: Shut up you immature brat!
DP: Why do you hate yourself so much?
DS made a loud roar of anger and charged as fast as he could. Deadpool quickly sidesteps DS, he runs into the metal bars, both breaking through them and falling.
DP: See you later, stop by anytime you want.
Deathstroke grabs his grappling hook and uses it to grapple onto a building.
DP: Wait for me! 
*Deadpool grabs his weapons and jumps off the edge.*
DP: Ok where is my grappling hook?
Voice in DP’s head: You don’t have a grappling hook.
DP: Oh.
Deadpool hits the ground twisting his arms and legs in inhumane ways. 
DP: Oww I will be right there, just have to pull myself together. 
Deathstroke manages to break into a window of the building which happens to be another apartment building. Deathstroke grabs his Energy Staff and starts blasting away at Deadpool.
DS: DIE!!!
A huge hole is left in the ground and Deathstroke is checking on Deadpool, hoping to see him obliterated. Deadpool sees a hole of nothing but rubbles and gives a sigh of relief. All of a sudden something pokes him the shoulder. It’s Deadpool with half of his mask gone! 

DP: That was a real blast! 
DS turns around and tries to hit DP quickly but DP puts his Heckler & Koch Mark 23 pistol and shoots DS point blank in the head. The bullet doesn’t go through the mask due to the hard plating but it falls off revealing DS face and his missing eye.
DP: Wow and I thought I had an ugly mug. Well goodbye. 
DP points the gun at DS now bare face and DS is thinking of his environment and sees a stretchable shower head and a bar holding the curtains up. Just when DP is about to pull the trigger DS leaps and kicks the gun out of his hand. DP uses his more strength to throw DS into the bathroom and tangle with showerhead and bar. DS throws a bomb in the bathroom and jumps out window once again to grapple hook his way safely down. The bomb went off, leveling the whole building. 

DS: That should buy me enough time. 
Time it did buy. It took 3 hours for Deadpool to find his body parts scattered in debris and rubble. 
DP: Hmm I wonder where he went to. Let me skip a few pages of this and find out.
DP starts flipping through the pages of story without thinking anything about it. 
DP: Boring, boring, and more boring. Why are there no boobs in this story? 
DP draws Cat Woman naked on the page. 
DP: There fixed. Now where were we? Ah yes. Oh he is back at his lair. Well I should drop in and see him. I will bring snacks! Pinkie away!!

All of a sudden in addition to his tactics a pony aka Pinkie Pie comes in and Deadpool precedes to ride it to DS’s lair while singing the MLP theme song. A knock comes on DS’s door about 10 minutes later and DP knocks it down. DP is wearing a Sombrero and has tacos in his hands. DS is on his couch with a large gun propped up. 

DP: Man is we really going to do this again? I don’t know why you hate your best friend. Were like twins. But anyway I guess I can take another shot for you. You can’t kill me.

DS: Who said this gun will kill you? I got something better planned then that. 
DP: Um I don’t know what you mean but ROCKET LAUNCHER
DP takes out a HUGE rocket launcher and just when his hand hit the trigger so did DS’s. DS almost got hit but he moved leaving his machine and half his lair to be destroyed. DS’s weapon hit DP right on spot before it was destroyed. It knocked DP to his knees. DP got right up.

DP: See I told you it wouldn’t kill me. 
DS gets up and looks at DP and takes out of his pocket a detonator and pushes button. All of a sudden DP face was glowing red. DP is in pain. 
DS: Ah Nanobots they do come in handy. Now Deadpool I realized I couldn’t kill you but yet that doesn’t mean I can’t leave you in a fixed state of pain forever. You see I tried to make Robin my mentor by using the device but to my disappointment he was able to outsmart me. Now you Deadpool can’t do that. I modified my machine to target in on your cancer cells and infect you with it. Now you are losing more cancer cells meaning you will most likely explode from your condition in any minute but even if you do pull yourself back together you will still have the Nanobots in you. Also I have another surprise for you. 

*DS pushes a button next to himself and a trap door opens. Deadpool falls in who is still in pain. 

DS: I wouldn't want blood to cover the whole room. Bye bye. 

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