Tearing him apart

Hey my name is Dessire but you can call me Des i have curly brown hair and green eyes i like music and my laptop and two boys at school named Harry Styles and Niall Horan and im not sure who to choose. The main problem is tearing these best friends. apart


3. little black dress

  Harrys p.o.v


 I looked around at all the people coming into my house and there was alot! The music was already blasting and people were on the dance floor. I was looking for that one girl the one girl who i knew would be mine. Then she walked. Little black dress.



  Nialls p.o.v


I couldnt stop thinking about Dessire wich was kinda wierd cuz she looks alot like Harry, the curly dark brown hair and the green eyes. As soon as i got to that party I walked up to Harry and grabbed a drink "I saw that hottest girl walk in a few mintues ago" he said then he took a swig of what ever was in his cup and i did to "What she look like?" "She had on a black strapless dress it was tight and hugged her body perfectly, and she also had really curly dark brown hair that was like to her waist and she had dark green eyes" he took another gulp of his drink but i just looked at him i think hes perfectly decribing Dessire "sounds hot" i just answerd than i chugged the rest of my drink and grabbed another, this is gona be a long night

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