Tearing him apart

Hey my name is Dessire but you can call me Des i have curly brown hair and green eyes i like music and my laptop and two boys at school named Harry Styles and Niall Horan and im not sure who to choose. The main problem is tearing these best friends. apart


4. let the party begin

   dessires p.o.v

   The music was loud and achol was all over. Athena smiled at me "lets go find niall" she yelled i nodded and she grabed my hand and we walked around looking for that blonde haired blue eyed cutie. I spotted him standing with a curly haired boy. They were both drinking from a red solo cup "found him" i yelled nudging Athena and before i could think of what was hapining i was being dragged over to the two boys "Oh hey" niall said with a smile "hi" the curly haired boy turned to look at me and when are eyes meet something sparked "Hi im Harry" he said then he stuck out his hand "Im Dessire" i shoke his hand "would you like to dance?" "i have to get drunk first" i said with a crooked smile he laughed "well then stay here ill get something for ya" he winked and walked away. I watched him walk untill i couldnt see him anymore "Dessire you look amazing" i hear Niall say i looked at him "oh thanks Athena helped me pick it out" "well she did a great job" he said not taking his eyes off of me, i felt a little akward so i changed the subject "So are you in to sports" "ya i play football" "oh cool" that was a stupid question i  thought, then Harry finally came back with a plate full of shot glasses and something that looked like water "Here you go" he says and puts the tray in front of me "woah i wanted to get drunk enough to not remeber this tomarow not to forget it compltly" i laugh he dose to i grab a shot and quickly down it, it burnd my throat and i made a funny face but grabbed another preety soon everyone was taking the shots and got drunk preety fast "so now will you dance" asked Harry i took one more shot and grabbed his hand "i would love to" i slurred.

I led him to the dance floor and then i spin around and face my back to him, he pulls me in close to him and i begin rolling my hips ive actually never done the whole grinding thing before and i didnt know how so i just watched other girls around me. I went slowly and Harry put his hands on my hips i kept doing what i was doing watching the other girls closely and then one of them put her hands on the floor and stared to shake her butt wow i thought i kinda wanted to try it so i bent over and planted my hands on the floor then shock my hips from side to side and i heard Harry groan was that a good kinda moan or dose he think im disgusting i looked at his face he had his head thrown back and he was biting his bottom lip so to tease him a bit i stood up. He looked at me "whyd you stop" he asked i just smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close to me. I out my leg im between his legs then begin grinding on him that made him groan even more and so i kept doing it and then begin whispering dirty things in his ear. I could tell he liked it because i felt something hardning on my leg i looked down then back at him and smiled he blushed. I have him wrapped around my finger i thought with a smile

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