A Christmas Gift

I will write a personal perfect christmas day chapter for you... You could have a romance, the perfect gift, or a great day out with the family... Read the instructions and then comment for my christmas gift to you x


5. The kitty: Distance Doesn't Matter

Nicole was 15 years old, and everyone at her school thought she was single. The truth was, she wasn't. But sometimes she wondered if her love was even real, or just cyber. Nicole was a beautiful girl. Dark brown hair with blonde tips, and blonde bags, and light brown eyes that looked green when the sunlight hit them. Her flowing straight hair, down past her shoulders. She was weird, kind hearted, and always honest. This was why her boyfriend loved her. His name was Gabin, and their relationship was built by the internet. They had a large sea separating the two, and only a computer to keep their relationship going. Even though Nicole was always honest, no one believed her love for Gabin was true. Her friends treated Gabin like a virtual boyfriend. This always made Nicole sad. She sometimes wondered at night if Gabin's love for her, was as strong as her love for him.


One day Gabin was chatting online with Nicole as usual. They communicated with one another every single day, like clock work. Her best friends had deserted her because of her affection towards her computer since meeting Gabin online. But even though Nicole missed them, she didn't care anymore. She was looking at Gabin while she typed to him. He was 19, and apsolutly gorgeous as usual. He was tall, had dark skin, and a six pack. He had black hair, and brown eyes. Nicole thought he had a fun personality because when he talked to her he acted like a 14 year old. The chat went a little like this...


Nicole: I wish I could see you, in person... x

Gabin: I know just how you feel Kitty xx (Nicole smiled, she loved it when he called her Kitty)

Nicole: 4900 miles is so far apart... :( xx

Gabin: Just remember Kitty, distance doesn't matter x ;) xxxx

Nicole: Maybe I could come see you some time. Shame I don't have the money right now... :'( x

Gabin: Funny you should say that... :p x

Nicole: I saw your cheeky smile, what are you hiding?! x -_-

Gabin: Let's just say... I may be in Denmark soon... ;) xxxxx

Nicole: omg yay!!!! :D

A few days had passed, and Nicole was wondering when Gabin would turn up. He had not been online since he pronounced his coming. Nicole felt a little love sick. She was missing his face, his soft words, and his cheeky smile hr gave her everyday. It was Nicole's birthday tommorow, and she fell asleep while crying. In the morning she woke to hands gently shaking her. She sqinted at the bright light coming through her window. "Leave me alone mum" Nicole moaned. "If you insist Kitty". Nicole's eyes flashed open excitedly, as she got up quickly. Gabin stood beside her bed, wearing his cheeky smile she so missed. Gabin said cheerfully "SURPRISE!" Nicole squeaked excitedly and cried put with tears of joy "Gabin!" She leapt out of bed, and wrapped herarms around him tightly. Gabin said happily "actual hugging, is better than virtual hugging, with the stars either side of the sentance". Nicole laughed as she let go, and looked deeply into his eyes.


"I can't believe you came for my birthday" Nicole said with a smile. Gabin sais softly "I just had to". They both looked deeply in one anothers eyes, as Gabin leaned in for a kiss. Nicole was about to kiss him when she decided to pull away. "I just cam't Gabin, I'm just too happy and surprised right now".Gabin smiled and said "I understand". Gabin held his hand out to her, and she took it. They then left her bedroom, and headed down the stairs. Nicole gasped in amazement as a crowd of people greeted them both yelling "SURPRISE!"


Nicole couldn't believe it. She thought her parents had a fancy  resturant booked for her, not a surprise party! Nicole shouted happily "how did you do this?" Her mum came forward and said sweetly "with a lot of help from your best friends". Her best friends came forward, as Nicole ran down the last few stairs to hug them. "Oh thank you! Thank you everyone!" Nicole then went on to introducing everyone to Gabin. "Ok now, everyone this is Gabin. He's uh, he's uh, he's sort of, my boyfriend". Gabin smiled awkwardly, and waved at everyone saying "uh, hi everyone".


The party was soon in full flow. Nicole used her time with Gabin, to really get to know him. They then danced together for a while. Nicole's ex best friends dragged her away insisting they need to talk to her privatly. They mocked her, saying hoe desperate she is to go dating a stranger online. They called Gabin a creep, and said such hurtful things. Nicole teared up as they said harshly "he probably doesn't even love you. He's probably got a prettier girlfriend waiting for him at home". Nicole shouted with rage as she cried "GET OUT! WHO THE HELL INVITED YOU! JUST COME TO SAS ME! LEAVE MY PARTY, LEAVE MY HOUSE!" Gabin came in as the two girls walked off snootily. Gabin said looking rather confused "is everything okay Kitty? I heard you shouting". Nicole cried out with tears in her eyes "I'm okay now" as she ran towards him for a hug.


As the party vibe began to die down, Gabin requsted for everyone to listen up. Gabin help Nicole's hands and said slowly "I love you with all my heart. I want no one else in my life, and wish I could spend all my life with you, so-" Gabin paused for a moment to get down on one knee. He said aloyd for all to hear "Nicole, aka Kitty, will you make me the happiest man alive, and marry me". Nicole gasped in shock as she said sadly "I'm sorry but, I have no choice but to turn you down. I love you, but I need to get to know the real, not just the virtual you. Plus we live so far apart, and you cannot live here". Nicole half expected Gabin to look sad, but instead he smiled cheekily and said softly "what if I was to stay here in Denmark and get to know you for a while?" Nicole said "I guess you could stay here a few weeks".


Gabin said quietly "I only bought a one way ticket to Denmark. I'm stuck here". Nicole said in shock "you can't live here". Gabin grinned and said happily "I got no need to. I have my own place". Nicole gasped once more and said "you did that for me?But how?" Gabin said proudly "I did long hours at a well paid job, and saved up the money for years. That's how I got the plane ticket as well. I did it all for you Kitty". Nicole's eyes began to water as she said quietly "I can't believe it. Okay Gabin, we will go on a few dates, then you can propose to me next year, on my birthday".Gabin smiled and said softly "that's good enough for me" as they both hugged.


Monthed had passed, and every date made the two feel a lot closer. Nicole invited Gabin round for Christmas day. Gabin once again got down on one knee and proposed. Nicole laughed and sad "I did say next year on my birthdsy". Gabin smiled and hopefully said "it wouldn't be a surprise then". Nicole said quickly "true". Gabin looked down at the floor and said "is that a no then?" Nicole said "no". Gabin was about to get up whe Nicole smiled cheekily and said "it's not a no, because it's a yes!" They both hugged, and kissed underneath the mistletoe. Nicole thought to herself 'best christmas ever'.

Merry Christmas The kitty!

I hope you enjoyed your birthday surprise, and Gabin proposing again on Christmas Day. :)

Hope you liked the story.

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!! :D

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