A Christmas Gift

I will write a personal perfect christmas day chapter for you... You could have a romance, the perfect gift, or a great day out with the family... Read the instructions and then comment for my christmas gift to you x


2. Prez: Sidekick For A Day

Erica led fast asleep in her bed, dreaming of batman as usual. She was his sidekick, robin one side of batman, Erica on the other side. She had even made up a sidekick name for herself. She was known as Prez, in her dreams, and by her friends. She had just come across the joker, doing bad once again when her alarmclock turned on with a christmas song blaring. She got up quickly with a groan of dissapointment. She hated it when her dreams were interupted by reality. She stretched, and then lazily got out of bed. She went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She then brushed her long curly brown hair. She took one quick look at herself, her hazel eyes a blaze of excitement. She suddenly remembered what day it was. She ran to her parents room to wake them up. She then ran clumsily down the stairs to the christmas tree in the lliving room. Underneath it were lots of different coloured presents, with wrapping with swirls, hearts, animals, and batman logos. Hers were the batman logos quite obviously. She didn't even need to read the label as she grabbed all the presents with bats on. She got through all the presents quite quickly. All were something to do with batman. She had four figurean dolls. One was batman, the other was robin, the third was the joker, and the forth was cat woman. She got a super hero black face mask which she put on immediatly. She then opened another present which contained a t-shirt with the batman logo on it, and a black cape. Both items she whisked on with excitement.

Erica was begining to get bored now that she had no more presents to open. She sat on the sofa, still wearing her batman pyjama bottoms and slippers. She grabbed the remote off the coffee table, and switched the tv on to watch the batman christmas special. All of a sudden the room began to shake, as if an earthquake was going on. Erica could hear a familiar laughing. She thought it was on the tv, but she was wrong. A wrecking ball smashed through the house wall, just missing where Erica sat. She screamed in shock as she jumped off of the sofa wondering what was going on. Somethig above was cutting a large circular hole through the ceiling. From the rooftop Erica heard someome shout "look out below!" Erica shreaked in panic as she leapt out the way, just missing being crushed by the circular bit of ceiling.

A black rope covered in colourful christmas lights fell down as Robin slid down to the floor. He kept one hand on the rope as he held a hand out me saying curageously "I gotta get you outta here! Take my hand!" I immediatly took ahold of Robin's hand as put his arm around me, and whisked me out of my living room, up the colourful glowing rope, and through the hole in the ceiling. Erica blushed with embaressment. She could hardly believe this was actually happening. Robin let her go when they got to the roof. Erica noticed a large bulldozer driven by no other than the Joker himself. Erica continued to look at the distruction when she heard Robin calling out to her, except he was using her super hero name. "Prez! Come over here quickly!" Prez smiled excitedly as she ran in the direction the voice came from. She suddenly bumped into a black figure. It was Batman, the real Batman! He was actually standing before her!

Prez blushed as she stuttered an apology. "I'm s-s-so s-s-sorry, b-b-Batman". Batman smiled under his mask and said "that's quite alright child, how old are you?" "14 and a half" Prez said quickly as she was quite shy. Robin shouted crossly "Batman! We havn't got time to get aquainted to your new sidekick! If you havn't noticed we are under attack!" Robin yelled the last bit with a sight yelp as hr jumped over a flying metal lamp post. Batman chuckled and said with slight sarcasm "oh yes, so I see". "Batman's new sidekick? What a dream come true!" Prez blushed once again as she realized she had said it aloud. Batman said seriously "Prez we need your help. The Joker has started a randon attack on the innocent town you call home. If we don't stop him now, he won't just destroy your home, hr will destroy all the homws in this area". Prez said quickly in a panic "what do you want me for?" Batman said mysteriously "for what I'm about to do I need two sidekicks". Even Robin looked rather confused at what Batman had just said. "He never tells me anything! Always riddles with this guy!" Robin laughed as he looked around for a way to defeat the Joker.

Prez was normally quite clever at guessing plots, and ideas before they even happen. She was nearly always right as well. She observed the contraption that the Joker was controlling very carefully. It had christmas lights all over it's body. Quite festive for an evil villian Prez thought. They can't be there for decoration. Theres always a reason for something a Joker adds to his machines. Their were two funnels either side of the huge machine that were puffing out dark black smoke into the air. The lights on the front of the machine had been replaced with baulbauls. Prez suddenly had a brilliant idea. She told Batman and Robin her idea, then they began to put it in action.

Batman threw a bat shaped sharp metal object the bulldozer with a black rope attacked. He the swung himself up onto the roof of the machine. He began smashing all the christmas lights underneath his hard boots, causing the machine to shudder and jolt uneasily. The machines actions were slowing down enough for Prez and Robin to initiate the next part of the plan. They both ran side by side at full speed, their capes flapping wildly behind them. They split up doing the next part like synchronized swimmers. Prez jumped into the air, hitting down hard against the front of the bulldozer, as she clung on for dear life. She wrapped her hands around the baulbual, and began to pull hard in order to pull it out of the hole. As it suddenly came loose she fell. Robin swung round on the christmas light rope, catching her just before she hit the ground. Robin handed Prez the second baulbaul as they landed back on the roof. He looked at Prez and said "finish him". Prez nodded as Robin kicked off of the roof to swing them high into the air. As they went over the top of the bulldozer, Prez lobbed the baulbauls into the funnels on the top of the bulldozer. She got both baulbauls on target as the bulldozer shook uncontrollably all bunged up. Robin dropped Prez off back on the roof, as Batmam slid down the rope, reunited with his sidekicks.

The bulldozer exploded with an almighty bang. Prez gasped in shock. Batman laughed and said "don't worry, he will be back". Prez said in shock "but he must have been blown up in the blast!" Robin said maturly "that's what he wants us to beleive, but he always returns". Batman said "exactly". Robin pointed and said "see there he goes now". It was a funny sight becaue he was on fire, rolling around on the grass in the distance. Batman looked at Prez and said sternly "thank you for your help. I just knew you would be a great help". Robin shouted excitedly "yeah good job Prez!" Prez blushed and said proudly "no thank you. This was amazing, the best christmas gift ever!" With that Prez woke up.; Yes I do mean woke up. You see Erica had fallen asleep while watching the Batman Christmas Special on the sofa. It had all been a dream, but Erica didn't care. She had gotten her christmas wish, wether it was a dream or not. It had been th best christmas ever!

Merry Christmas Prez!

I hope you enjoyed being a sidekick for a day in my story :)

Hope you have a bat-tastic day today, with lots of batman based prezzies!

Ok... Now I come to think of it, bat-tastic?! that was such a lame pun lol!

Before I embaress myself anymore, let's just leave it at... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

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