A Christmas Gift

I will write a personal perfect christmas day chapter for you... You could have a romance, the perfect gift, or a great day out with the family... Read the instructions and then comment for my christmas gift to you x


4. Eric Nash: I Am Doctor Who

Kevin had a secret he didn't tell any of his friends. As soon as Matt Smith regenerated, he was next up to be the new doctor. He even managed to pull a few strings so that his boyfriend Seppe could be his companion. His first apprarance as the proper doctor after regeneration was a Christmas special. He had been filming it for ages in London. As Christmas day finally came around, Kevin and Seppe sat side by side, holding hands in their living room, as they sqealed with excitement to see the start up of Doctor Who. The theme tune making them jump up and down with excitement.

Kevin came of screen, he was a good looking 16 year old, with dark brown hair that was a bit curly, and dark brown eyes. He was getting in the Tardis, accompanied by Seppe. Kevin began fiddling with the controls, and running around to reach the controls round the other side. Seppe held on for dear life as he felt the Tarfis moving through time and space. Kevin yelled "hold on tight!" Seppe cried out "I'll try!" Kevin laughed cheerfully and shouted "this is the life, and I am The Doctor!" With that the Tardis landed with a bump, causing Seppe to colapse to the floor. Kevin said with surprise "my regeneration seems to have left me a little un-coordinated". Seppe said crossly "you think!" Kevin laughed and lifted Seppe back to his feet as he said "come on, quit your moping, let's go explore where we have landed!" Kevin ran excitedly to the Tardis doors, to open them up to a winter wonderland.


Seppe came up beside Kevin and said with amazement "this looks like the north pole" Kevin said smartly "that's because it is the north pole. I've always wanted to know if Santa is real". Kevin walkes off, as Seppe ran to keep up with his fast walking. They came across a load of large buildings in the middle of nowhere. Seppe said in shock "what a horrible sight!" Kevin said in shock "look at all the rubble, and toxic waste!" They both looked to see, broken buildings, prducing thick smog, and lots of green toxic waste pouring over the snow. Seppe said sadly "I thought thisxplace was mant to be jolly". Kevin began using his sonic screwdriver. Kevin said seriously "I'm getting some kind of weird radiation in the air. We need to go take a closer look. My sonic screwdriver is picking up something non-human". Seppe grabbed hold of Kevin's arm and shouted "are you crazy?!" Kevin said maturly "no not crazy, I'm The Doctor!" Kevin then ran towards the buildings, his long coat flaring behind him in the wind. Seppe had no choice but to run after him shouting "wait for me!"


Kevin suddenlyvstopped in his tracks and said "oh my god!" Seppe finally caught up eith him saying "what, what is it?!" Kevin said with fear in his voice "I do beleive we are in the kiddle of some freaky zombie appocalipse!" Seppe hid behind Kevin crying out "lets get back to the Tardis! I don't wanna die!" Kevin shookvSeppe back to reality saying "my job is to save the world from aliens, and people struck evil with power. That includes me sacing the north pole from zombies! Your my companion, so you wil accompany me, or leave me alone, your choice!" Seppe said with a shudder "I will stay by your side". Kevin said nothing more as he grabbed Seppe's hand, and dragged him behind a building. Seppe shoured crossly "ow! What did you do that for?!" Kevin covered Seppe's mouth and said in a sharp whisper "there are zombie elves only around the corner". Kevin took his hand away from Seppe's mouth and Seppe said quietly "what do we do?" Kevin said quixkly "just folow my lead".


Seppe followed Kevin around the other side of the building, where they bumped into a load of elf zombies. Kevin began zapping them qith his sonic screwdriver, as some fellvto the foor unconcious. Seppe shouted "now what?!" As a load more zombie elves approached from all angles. Kevin cried out "now, we make a run for it!" Seppe followed Kevin as he dashed quickly towards the opening of a large building. They ran inside, the elves close on their tail. They quickly closed the door, and bolted it behind them, before assending the staircase. When they reached the very top of the building, they found Santa Claus hiding behind his desk. Kevin said loudly "come out from there Santa,were here to help you". Santa Claus slowly came out from behind his desk, shaking with fear. His clothes were torn, and clawed at in places. Bits of fabric hanging loose in places.


Santa Claus ran over to Kevin and Seppe saying "oh please get me out of this hell hole!" Just before Kevin could reply, a loud constnat banging came from the door. Santa Claus cried out "you led them right too me! Now were bound to die!" Kevin shouted "be quiet I have a plan!" Kevin held his sonix screwdriver in the air. A load whirring and wheezing noise was heard. Santa Claus said "what are you doing?!" Kevin shouted crossly "trying to call the Tardis, but these walls are unable to be penetrated!" Seppe cried out with tears of fea in his eyes "now what Dcotor?!" Kevin yelled "aha!" All of a sudden, causing everyone to jump in shock. Kevin turned to Santa Claus and asked quickly "are there any reindeer left?" Santa Claus said "only two why?" Kevin smashed the windows, and before Santa Claus could tellvhim off Kevin shouted "call to them!" Santa Claus shouted "Donna! Blitzen!"


Two reindeer floated outside the smashed window. Kevin said "get on Santa!" Santa Claus got stuck in the window, and the zombie elves were smashing their way through the door now. Santa Claus finally plopped out of the wnidow, and fell to the floor, only just getting caught by Donna. The zombie elves came through the door, and began running towards Kevin and Seppe. Kevin shouted "Jump!" As the two of them leapt onto Blitzen. Seppe lost balence, and Kevin just managed to grab hold of his hand, before he fell to his death. Kevin pulled Seppe up behind him, and Seppe held tightly to his waist. A few zombie elves managed to jujp abard Blitzen. Kevin kicked them off, while Seppe punched one in the face. After their terrifying ordeal they headed towards the Tardis. They got off of the reindeer, and ran into the Tardis, slamming the door behind them. Santa Cloaus could hear the teo reindeer, crying out as they got mauled by mad elf zombies.


As the elf zombies tried to break their way into the Tardis, Kevin moved the Tardis to another part of the north pole, and cloaked it so the elf zombies could not see it anymore. Kevin said calmly "there now I can think, without mad flesh eating zombies trying to kill us all". Santa Claus was in tears crying "they killed Donna and Blitzen!" Kevin said sadly "llok I'm sorry, but you need to tell me how your elvrs turned into zombies in the first place". Santa Claus said "first you tell me who you are, and where we are!" Kevin sjouted crossly "I don't have time to tell you that!" Santa Claus said with rage "tell me what I want to know! Then I tell you what you want to know!" Kevin quickly said "ok fine! I am a timelord by the name of the Doctor. I travel around in my Tardis, traveling through time and space. I save people and aliens". Santa Claus said dumnly "never mind explaining anymore" You already lost me at timelord!"


Kevin said impatiently "now can you tell me how your elves turned into zombies!" Santa Claus said sadly "it's all my fault! I forgot to feed them al so they went looking for theircown food. They accidenly drank toxic waste thinking it was edible!" Seppe said with a tesr in his eye "that's just horrible! Is there anything you can do to reverse the problem Doctor?" Kevin said "not from here I can't, but if I travel back in time, and we warn Santa of the future, this may work!" Kevn began fiddling with the controls once more. Santa Claus cried out with excitement "so we got back, dispose of al the toxic waste, and warn myself never to forget another feeding day!" Kevin cried out cleverly "exactly! But I'm leaving you there to do it yourself!" Kevin and Seppe waved good bye to Santa Clauscin the pssy, and returned to the future to see if their plan had worked. The north pole was beautiful once more. Shiny buildings, healthy reindeer, happy elf families, mo toxic waste, no rubble, and a very jolly Santa Claus crying out his thanks to Kevin and Seppe.

As soon as the episode had ended Seppe said "oh you were just amazing Kevin!" Kevin smileecand said "and you played your part so perfectly". Seppe hugged Kevin tightly and said "merry christmas Kevin!" Kevin hugged him back and said happily "yes, merry christmas".

Merry Christmas Eric Nash!

I hope you enjoyed being Doctor Who. And Seppe being your companion. :)

Hope you liked saving the whole of the north pole, and Santa Claus from an elf zombie apocalipse lol! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!! :D

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