The Odds Are Not In My Favor!

A girl from the Capitol volunteered to replace a tribute in the Hunger Games. Yes, a girl from the Capitol. Is it even possible? What will happen? Will she survive the Hunger Games?


2. The Interview

 We were walking to my house. We had an awkward silent between us, until Peeta decided to break the silent. “So, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, sure” I said with a warm smile.

“Why don’t you watch The Game?”

“Why should I?”

“It just that everyone…” I interrupted him again.

“I don’t like it. I mean come on, taking children and training them to kill? I just hate it. Some kids get kill, so what happen to them? They would never have time to think about the future. All they know is that they will get kill.” I snapped.

We had already stopped. I didn’t realize that Peeta hold my shoulder with his hands. “But that’s the life in the Districts. We have 50 percent of being kill and another 50 that we’ll die because of hunger.” He said softly, calming me down.

“If I can change that, I will.” I said. “Oh look, here’s my house. Nice to meet you Peeta, be safe.”

“I will. Sleep well.” He said with smiling at me.

“See you tomorrow.”

“What’s tomorrow?” He asked confusedly.

“The Interview.” I said, with that I open the door and entered.

 I don’t know why but all I can think about was Peeta. And with that same thought I felt asleep.

~Next Day~

“Ladies and gentlemen, your master of ceremony, Caesar Flickerman!” Said the robotic voice.

“Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome to the 75th Hunger Games!” said Flickerman. “As all of you know this Hunger Game is different from the others. It’s the 3rd Quarter Quell.” The audience went wild with screaming and clapping. I was at the second row and it wasn’t too loud. “Lets welcome our first tribute from district 1 who was victor of the 64th Hunger Games, please welcome Cashmere!”


 Flickerman interviewed her, her brother, and 2 other district. “And now please welcome the woman who won one of the very first Hunger Games, Miss Mags.” Then a old woman came out to the stage, I sat straight. Why would they let her to compete?

“Hello everybody” Mags started. The interview when on, my heart is beating really fast I don’t even know why. Something bad is going to happen…

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