The Story in a Song

These are short stories I write based on songs I like! Updates aren't exact, but when I think about one Ill listen to the song on repeat while I write.


1. Fix You by Coldplay

    When Leila Saunders left her body, she was fifteen. She would have been sixteen three months and seventeen days later. She was very exact in those types of things. She weighed eighty pounds. She had cuts on her wrists. Leila Saunders left her body while she watched her favorite Disney movie. She was clutching pills and a diet coke bottle. She was in a movie theatre. When Leila Saunders left, all the lights had been put out. She was numb. She had lost happiness a long time ago, that was normal. But now, she couldn't even feel anger or sadness. She was a mindless robot. Her parents were so caught up with business and phone calls they never noticed. People hated her at school so much they couldn't careless about her mental and physical condition. But one thing has been left out. The fact that Leila Saunders didn't leave the Earth. She almost did, but the seventeen year old boy who sat behind her stopped her.    
    When Tyler Jabender went to the movie theatre that day, he had not planned on it. His therapists had made him go to lighten his irritable mood. The movie was actually amazing. He was still in shock from realizing what he had almost done. This was because Tyler had tried to commit suicide last month through taking too many pain killers, but his friend had stopped him by making him vomit up the pills. Tyler was in a coma for a week, then was thrust into therapy last week. So when the incredibly skinny girl in front of him start to pour out pills into her hand-way too many, in fact- the memories of his suicide attempt came back. He couldn't just watch her destroy herself. Before he could think it through he grabbed the girl's wrists. She gasped lightly, almost in defeat, and turned to look at him. Tyler saw himself when he would've committed suicide. There was no emotion on her face. 
    Leila gasped when a hand grabbed her wrist, causing the pills to fall. She thought that no one else would be in the back of the theatre, but she had thought wrong. Leila turned to look at  the boy. He looked almost frightened by what she had almost done. "What are you doing?" she asked, confused. She had grown so accustomed to her bullies that she couldn't even comprehend that someone would stop her. Her eyes widened as the boy carefully took the pills away and dropped them on the ground. She was two in shock to roll down her sleeves to conceal her cuts. That's when she noticed the scars running along the boys arms. She grabbed his wrist and traced them carefully. 
    The girl began tracing Tyler's cuts. He began to speak up to break the silence. "I think should be asking yourself that question, not me." he said. He knew this girl was in a fragile state. He looked at her as she let a tear fall down her face. "My name's Tyler. What's yours?" I asked. She looked at Tyler as tears went freely. He could tell she wasn't controlling the tears. They just fell. He remembered how that had happened as he had uncapped the pills. Then the girl said something, but it was so quiet she could've mouthed it. She coughed softly then spoke again, this time more clearly. "Leila. My name is Leila." She looked at him and a smile tucked just the slightest. She brought her hand up to her mouth in awe. 
    Leila had not smiled in a long time. She felt her lips tug to try and form a smile, and the feeling had become so foreign. She felt the slightest twinge of happiness. This boy, Tyler he said his name was, had just stopped her from killing herself. She abruptly got up and ran out of the theatre, but became fatigued from her frail legs. This boy had cuts like hers, but that didn't mean he would understand. She sat on the bench outside the door to theatre 7, the one she was just in. Her thinned out hair fell limp over her face. She was wearing a black sweater from when she weighed her normal weight,120 lbs. It was huge on her, but the voice in her head told her that it showed her improvement. The sweater used to be tight, and now it was loose. She looked better. But she could always be thinner. She was soon crying again. The voice scared her, because it had her voice. It tricked her. The itching feeling came over her. She looked at her thighs, tracing a thin line of what little fat was there that could go away if she did some more exercise. Suddenly she felt the weight shift on the bench. 
    Tyler sat next to her hesitantly. She looked at him and averted her eyes quickly. Tyler needed to give it his last shot. "Leila," he said. "I swear I'm not a creep. I go to your school.I've seen you around. I'm the year above you. I know what your going through. I need you to look me in the eyes when I tell you this." She looked at Tyler, and he could see how scared she was, not by Tyler, but of herself. Her eyes were a pure icy blue. "Leila, I tried to commit suicide, but I was saved. I think it's best I save you too. You're scared, I can see it. I was scared too. When I was opening the pills, I was scared of myself. Scared of how much power my dark side had over me. They tell me one more cut, one more hour of sleep. They tell me I shouldn't care, nothing matters. They tell me things that aren't true. You need to fight. Fight the little voices in your head."
    Leila looked at Tyler as he finished. "Tyler, I'm scared." she said, her voice choking up. She felt the tears returned. "Everyday people tell me I'm fat. The voices agree. They tell me I could be skinnier. They tell me I should stop being lazy and exercise a little bit more, eat a bite less. I can't do it anymore. I'll never be skinny enough to stop them. I will never be perfect. I'm just a broken piece of glass. I can never be fixed." she took deep breaths. It felt good to finally confess her feelings to someone who wouldn't judge her. To finally be able to tell someone. Suddenly the voice sounded a bit quieter. "Thank you." She finished, her voice quiet. She wrapped her frail arms around him weakly. 
    Tyler felt tears prick his own eyes as she hugged him. Her sweater was soft against his rolled up sleeves. "Leila, you need to promise me that you won't give up." He said. She just nodded and replied with a muffled 'I promise.' Leila pulled away and looked at him. "You saved my life Tyler." she said. He smiled. He hadn't smiled in a very long time, at least not genuinely. But Leila hadn't been the only one whose life had been saved. He looked at her sincerely. "You saved mine, too." he explained. "Would you like me to take you out to lunch?" he asked, knowing that eating might be difficult. She looked at him and smiled. 
    For the first time, Leila craved lunch. And this time, no one was stopping her, not even the voice. Being around Tyler made it easier to show emotions, eat, and do so many other things that seemed like chores. She nodded, accepting his lunch invite. "I think I want McDonald's. I haven't had that in a while." she said, smiling. Tyler nodded, and grabbed her hand. Leila's fingers were frail compared to his. The stepped onto the escalator and waited as it slowly went down. When they reached the McDonald's, Leila immediately knew what she wanted. French fries, a Big Mac, and a soda. Tyler ordered it and then once it came in they sat at a booth in the restaurant. Leila, although finding it easier to eat, ate very slowly.She was able to finish all of her fries and a couple bites of her burger. It might not seem like much, but for Leila it was a big improvement to even step into a McDonald's with out considering how fat she could get from a single fry. 
    "Leila, remember how you said you were broken? How you couldn't be fixed." Tyler said, recalling the conversation in the theatre. Leila simply nodded. Tyler thought about what to say before continuing. 
    I promise that I will try to fix you."




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