One direction imagines!!

All imagines and every chapter is a different imagines


2. tieran and Louis

Tierans POV

*BUZZ BUZZ* my alarm clock went off and I had to get ready for school. " come and get your food before it gets cold" my mom yelled. I ate my breakfast and the bus came. My best friend Chloe sat beside me and talked to me about the new kid. " ok class please welcome Louis Tomlinson." Omg I thought I would never seen a hot guy before.

Louis POV

I saw the most prettiest girl ever. * RING RING * the bell rang and so it's my time to ask the girl's name.


" hi " said tieran

Do you want to go see a movie tonight?

" sure "

I will pick you up by 7

" ok "

I walked away and was cheering inside.

I picked her up and we were in the movie.

I was ready for this.

Tierans POV

OMG he kissed me!!!!! Wait so if he kissed me then that means we are dating? 😌😌

School is over now summer break is coming so now we will be together forever!!!!

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