Murder In The Deep

The first book in The Bioplex Chronicles. In the year 2074, the last scraps of land on planet Earth flooded. Global warming had taken its toll - but some humans had prepared, by building huge domes on the ocean floor, called Bioplexes. Only about 200 million humans survived, in Bioplexes spread across the world, under the ocean.

The year is 2799, and a sudden death throws the who Bioplex of Rendion into turmoil.


1. Prologue

Avla Jennings stood in front of the window, staring out at the darkness beyond. Like everyone that occupied the bioplex of Rendion, he wore a black wetsuit, however the lining of his was purple, signifying his job – a member of the Governod, the small group of people responsible for running the whole bioplex. Avla, however, was more than just a member of the Governod. He was the chairman. The huge bioplex, occupied by almost two hundred thousand people, all kept surviving by Avla and the Governod.

That amount of pressure can make someone incredibly stressed, and so to keep him calm and collected, every night, Avla would stand in one of the many observation rooms in the bioplex, and stare at the murky darkness outside, as he was doing tonight. It helped him to gather his thoughts, the calm sight he could see out of the window, the only sounds the whupping of the water turbines that brought electricity and the sounds of the electricity itself, buzzing around the bioplex, keeping it safe and secure.

There was a hissing noise. It was one that Avla knew well, the sound of the airtight doors leading from one section to the next, but it was not a sound he was expecting to hear late at night. Avla turned, expecting to see someone else in the observation room, but there was no-one. Confused, Avla tried the door. It was locked. Avla pressed the com button on his watch communicator, and sent a call to the security room.


“This is Avla Jennings. I’m in Observation Room 4, and the door’s shut on me and locked me in. Could you unlock it from there? I can’t seem to do it from here.”

There was silence for a second, as the man at the other end of the line attempted to unlock the door.

“I… Can’t seem to do anything sir, I’m sorry. For some reason it’s not letting me access the security mainframe for that part of the bioplex. I can come down there and open it with the master card, but it’ll take at least 10 minutes.”

Avla sighed. “I can wait.”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can sir.” Said the security technician, and the call ended. Avla sat down next to the door and waited. The fact that he was locked into this room, with just a wall of reinforced glass separating him from the outside, had obviously shaken him, but he knew how strong the walls were. They were built to withstand over one thousand bar of pressure. Nothing could break them. He was perfectly safe in the observation room.

And then, something moved.

Not inside the room, but outside.

On the other side of the glass.

There was someone outside, in one of the suits used for performing service on the outside of the bioplex, fixing anything that may not be working.

Avla stood up in horror, as the person in their suit raised their arm. The laser cutter on their arm started to warm up, Avla could see it starting to glow.

“This is Avla Jennings! There is someone outside the bioplex, trying to cut into the room I’m in! Help!”

“This is… Necessary.” Said a voice that Avla didn’t recognise, over his communicator. “This is necessary for us.”

Panicking, Avla banged on the door, screaming as loud as he could, but from the other side of the door, almost nothing could be heard.

And then the laser cutter started, and the person in the suit started cutting. The laser cut straight through the 6ft wall of reinforced glass, breaking the seal, and the ocean water sprayed in so fast that the force of it hitting him cut Avla to pieces. Within seconds the room was filled with water, slowly turning red with Avla’s blood.

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