Twitter Conversations

This is the story about how a girl, Clarissa Hartfield, is bullied in school and she is abused by her mother. She has had a rough life, when she One Direction, the hottest boyband around, and falls in love with the amazing British boyband. And when she makes a new twitter account the first thing that she sees is five new followers. And when she checks them she realizes that One Direction followed her, and they start messaging her, and her life will never be the same.


2. The More Followers, The Better

Twitter Conversations:

Chapter 2: The More Followers, The Better

[Clarissa's POV:]


I woke up the next day and think about how amazing that my dream was. One Direction had followed me on my new twitter account and started messaging me... wait that was real. I then checked my twitter to see that the boys had messaged me 2 minutes ago, but I don't think that they are responses to my answers from last night. Louis messaged me first.




From: @Louis_Tomlinson


Good morning, sweet girl, I hope that you eat lots of healthy foods today, especially carrots!




Louis' messages were then followed by the other boys.




From: @NiallOfficial


Rise and shine Claire! You know you want to wake up and want to go get something to eat. Every morning when I wake up, I get myself something to eat.




From: @Real_Liam_Payne


Good morning! By the way the other boys are super crazy, so don't listen to them.




From: @Harry_Styles


Hey! Don't forget to make sure that your hair is curly today before you leave.




From: @zaynmalik


Hey, love! Be sure to look in the mirror plenty this morning.




I didn't have time to reply to those boys or else I would be late for school. So I had to leave right after reading the messages. At least I have something that will make me smile every morning.




When I got home from school today, I was too tired to check my twitter so I just went to sleep for the night. And I had a dream where I had a lot of followers and then a screen came up that said the more followers the better.

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