Beautiful And Lonely


4. the secret

No, Madi told herself. She couldn't fall in love again not after Luke's death, she still loved him. No, not possible. She did not want to cry her heart out, again. She wouldn't, she wouldn't be weak she was strong.

"Hey what's up?" Leo came and stood next to Madi by the railing.

"Oh uh hey." Madi didn't look in his eyes, yep to late she was already falling for him.

"You seem, nervous?" Leo stated, raising an eyebrow.

"It's different here, I guess." Madi confessed.

Leo chuckled, "Yeah I felt the same way." He was now staring at Madi, studding her as though he were looking for her emotions.

Madi just giggled, "Your the Argo II's captain and sense of humor?" Madi looked up and met his eyes. He just nodded his head and looked away, "Yeah, guess so." He chuckled. What happened next Madi wasn't sure about. Leo glanced at Madi's lips and then met her eyes. He grabbed her face gently, and kissed her. His lips were soft and gentle, as he caressed her face his hands running down off her cheeks to her neck. She put her arms around his neck and stood on his toes, so she was closer to his hight.

"No smooching on the Argo II, Valdez!" Hedge yelled using his bat to separate them."bah!"

"'Specially not after yesterday nights incident, aye?" Jason joked.

"Guess the Princess needed some warming up." Percy exclaimed, everyone burst out laughing at this except for embarrassed Leo and Madi, and shocked coach Hedge.

"What!?" Hedge screamed. "What happened yesterday night?"

"Nothing." Leo and Madi spat out together, both glaring at Percy and Jason.

"M'kay, that's enough!" Madi waved her hand commanding for silence, "Understood?"

"Yes ma'am." The entire crew said without control.

"Now everyone return to lunch, Leo and I will be there momentarily." again with no command over their bodies they all returned to breakfast, "Sorry 'bout that 'Fire Boy'." Madi apologized, jokingly.

"Well, I'm the one who kissed you... so I'm sorry too." Leo laughed. He grabbed her hand, "How 'bout some lunch?"

"M'kay, but I want a seat by you." Madi responded pulling Leo bellow deck to the kitchen, stopping in the middle of the hall to kiss him.

"What was that for?" Leo asked like he just snapped out of a daze.

"A token of my affection." Madi giggled, then kissed him once more before dragging him to the dinning area for lunch.

"Well, look who decided to join us!" Frank joked as he patted Nico on the back, "How's it been?

"Olympus is in chaos, the underworld is worse." Nico answered, no fear in his voice.

"Wait what?" Madi suddenly was more aware of everything around her, and not just Leo. "The underworld I could see, but Olympus?"

"Why can you see the underworld in chaos?" Nico asked offended.

"Have you met your dad?" Madi shot back.

"Yeah uhuh, have you met your dad?" Nico defended his dad.

"Listen here little Ghost King!" Madi pushed her chair back and stood.

"Hey, it's okay." Leo said standing up next to Madi and setting her back down, "None of any of our godly parents are... what's the word normal?"

"Yeah that's why nut-job here has two." Nico snorted, gesturing to Madi. This time Madi didn't hold back, she jumped over the table and started attacking Nico. "Hey!" Anabeth yelled, Jason and Percy running over to hold Madi and Nico back. There was now a full on hurricane in the dinning area, literally Madi formed one from her anger. Everyone stopped, except for Madi who was yelling at Nico.

"Listen here kid, you better watch what you do!" Madi screamed.

"Your psychotic, get off me!" Nico yelled trying to push Madi back.

"Hey! Whoa, Madi chill!" Leo said grabbing Madi around the waist and pulling her back.

"Madi calm down your gonna tear the ship to shreds!" Percy yelled trying to make his way toward Madi.

Everything stopped. Almost like they were in the eye of the hurricane. Everyone looked around trying to take everything in, that just happened. Nico was recovering from the attack, and was just noticing the leftovers of the disaster that just happened.

"What the...?" Nico started, but saw Madi's face and decided better.

"How'd you?" Anabeth asked confused, "What happened."

Madi's face was pale white and looked like she just lost the bigest secret of her life.

"W-wait you..." Jason went to say, but Madi shook her head pleadingly. She looked around at everyone's terrified faces, then darted up to the deck.

"Madi!" Leo started after her.

"Wait Leo." Nico commanded, "Ill go."

"Uh I don't think so." Leo have him a 'are you stupid' look.

"Leo, Nico needs to go." Jason said, "He's the only one who can talk some sense into Madi, if he doesn't then she might blow up the world before Gaea gets the chance." Jason glanced at Anabeth and Percy, they nodded in agreement with whatever Jason thought was wrong.

"Fine." Leo grumbled.

Nico darted up the stairs after Madi. "Everyone stay below." was the last thing Nico said before probably walking into his death.

"Madi?" Nico asked not meaning to sound scared. Madi had formed a full on hail storm, tornado, hurricane, any natural disaster you could think of was going on outside. Madi didn't respond, but Nico heard sobbing. "Madi, it's okay." Nico reassured.

"Go away, I'll probably awake some evil monster or something." Madi spoke through tears.

"I'm not afraid." was all Nico said before setting down at Madi's side.

"Death reaches out to me," Madi started to say, "with his cold hand, and asks me to waltz..."

"I'll take his hand, and dance my life away." Nico finished for Madi.

"How'd you...?"

"Mom used to sing it to me and..." Nico trailed off.

"Bianca?" Madi asked taking Nico's hand.

"Yeah..." Nico didn't look at Madi.

"I'm sorry, and I know that doesn't help but I truly am." Madi squeezed his hand.

"The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams, but if you cried every time that happened... you might as well not live." Nico explained.

"I understand." Madi looked out at the storm raging on, because of her.

"You do?" Nico asked raising an eyebrow.

"I find that I spill my heart out to anyone who gives me the slightest bit of attention." Madi smiled painfully, "Silly me. Thinking they actually care."

"I care." Nico tightened his grip on her hand, but gently.

"You do...?" Madi wanted to believe him, but just couldn't.

"Yeah." he answered, "I learned that the less you care the happier you'll be."

He smiled, "I mean stars can't shine without a little darkness."

"I'm sorry I attacked you." Madi apologized.

"No problem, your pretty special you got me to actually feel something." Nico laughed.

"What do you mean?" Madi crinkled her eyebrows.

"It's safer to not feel." Nico said blankly.

"I understand." Madi agreed, she leaned on his shoulder.

"Uh listen the storm, and yeah uh..." Madi must have made Nico very nervous, because he pulled away.

"Nico..." Madi was hurt that he wouldn't admit his feelings.

"I told you it's safer not to feel." He said, leaning away.

"If it were, how would you feel?" Madi asked talking slowly.

"I-I.... I don't know." He answered leaning closer to Madi, "I would..." he was extremely close now dangerously close now, and Madi loved every second of it.

"Can I tell you how I would feel?" Madi asked leaning closer to him too.

"I don't care." Nico said staring at Madi, "Close your eyes and I'll show you how I feel." Nico told, barely talking in a whisper now, "Do you trust me?"

"Yes." Madi responded, she closed her eyes and waited.

Great, she thought, now he's gonna leave and she walked right into the trap of embarrassment. Nope. His lips were now on hers, man could he kiss. He used one hand to pull her closer to him and the other roaming around from her neck to her waist and back, freely. Madi's hands wondered around his neck then to his back, then to his chest.

"You wanna know something?" Nico asked in between a kiss.

"Mhm." Madi answered not taking her lips off his.

"I've had a crush on you since I was twelve, you know?" He laughed moving his lips back to hers.

"You did?" Madi asked pulling away, but still face to face with him.

"Yeah, it's crazy I know." Nico admitted. Madi didn't say anything, she just pulled him closer, and put her lips back on his.

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