Beautiful And Lonely


1. Odens talk

Madison sat with her brothers Thor and Loki, waiting for their father Oden. He had told them to meet him in the weapons vault apparently he had very important news. Their mother Frigga insisted it wasn't anything bad, they hoped their mothers words of encouragement were true.

Madison a young teenager whom was also a beautiful goddess with brown hair and brown eyes stood toward the edge of the group, she was very social up until the love of her life Luke Castellan died during the fight between demigods and titans. Madison or as her family and friends called her Madi, fell in love with the son of Hermes when they were just kids. She hadn't realized that her fathers brother Kronos was using Luke for her help until it was to late, to save the world Luke took his life and killed Kronos. Madi had blamed Percy Jackson and Anabeth Chase for Luke's death many time, the son of Poseidon was always nice to Madi he had always been a great friend, the daughter of Athena had envied Madi for her brains and beauty, but also were head strong on defeating Kronos.

Thor a muscular young man in his twenties sat on the entrance stairs of the vault. Madi suspected it was in case Loki made any threatening moves. Loki Madi's adopted brother had tried to destroy earth multiple times, the first time he tried to take over Asgaurd and got Thor kicked out. Then he and his army envaded earth but were sadly defeated by the Avengers, earths mightiest heroes type thing. Loki stood next to the frost giants power source, he had recently found out that he was the frost giant king.

Oden finally entered the room, "Hello my children!" he exclaimed. "I am delighted that you have joined me on this fine day." Yeah Madison could tell something was really wrong.

"Why have you summoned us here, father?" Thor stood to ask Oden.

"Why my dear boy, can't a father spend time with his children?" Was the response Oden gave Thor.

"When there kids, not seventeen or in their twenties." Loki snorted.

"Loki my son-" Oden started.

"I am not your son remember...?" Loki interrupted.

"'Course you are, anyways I have summoned you here because of your grandmother." Oden's features suddenly darkened.

"Grandma is dead." Madison spoke for the first time not making eye contact, or even looking up.

"Your mothers mother is dead that was not the grandmother I was referring to." Oden continued.

"Grandma Gaea has been asleep for how ever long, you don't mean she has awoke...?" Thor burst out.

"Well, clearly she missed a few of our birthdays, bet she wants to make it up." Loki joked.

Oden acted as though he hadn't heard Loki's snag remark. "The last Titan war awoke her." Oden explained, "And our family has a tendency to be a wee bit grumpy when we are awoke from deep slumber."

"No need to try and lighten the mood, father. Who has been chosen to fight, I mean which demigods?" Madison asked dead serious.

"Ask your your Aunt Hera." Oden laughed, "Won't even tell Zeus she won't. There are seven of them I'll tell you that, and there already set out on there journey. Calls herself the goddess of marriage." Oden snorted.

"The group consist of Percy Jackson, Anabeth Chase, Jason Grace, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, and a little help from Nico Di'Angelo." Frigga chanted as she walked into the room. "Hera trusts this information will not be given to the gods."

"Percy Jackson and Anabeth Chase, aye?" Madi asked gritting her teeth.

"Oh stars here we go." Loki rolled his eyes,

"They killed Luke, they deserve death!" Thor mimicked Madison.

"Shut-up!" Madison hissed. "I volunteer to go to earth and escort the eight on their quest."

"Thor and I will look after the camps as well." Loki pitched in.

"Yes, can't let baby sister have all the fun now can we?" Thor chuckled.

"Very well I suppose that would be wise." Oden talked more to hisself then them. "Yes that is very wise. No."

"No...?" Loki questioned Oden's statement, "No? Why, no?"

"Clearly the wanna be king does not understand that every time he goes to earth he tries to destroy it...?" Thor mumbled.

"Now, now let's not forget the first one to try and-" Loki shot back.

"Enough." Oden interrupted Loki, and commanded the boys to stop arguing. "Thank you my dear daughter Madison for being the better of my children." Madison's response was a half moon smile, and no eye contact, "Yes, yes Loki my son and Thor my son, you will both go look after a camp. Loki you shall look after Camp Jupiter, and Thor you shall look after Camp Half-Blood. Madison my sweet daughter." Oden complimented Madison lifting her chin so she had to make eye contact. "I do not want you to go to earth it is very dangerous and-"

"And what you don't think a girl can handle it? You don't think I can handle it?" Madison asked gritting her teeth, while drawing her bow and arrow. Just to prove her point Madison shot the arrow right between her brother, whom were standing shoulder to shoulder.

"I have no doubt you could defeat Gaea alone, but you also have wee bit of a temper." Oden smiled at down at his daughter, who looked pretty intimidating in her pink strapless gown and glitter high heels.

"Oh Oden, give her a chance." Frigga jumped in backing her daughter up. "Your trusting our sons, and they're the ones with a temper." Frigga gestured toward her sons, "Madi is plenty capable of handling herself just let her go, she needs to get out anyway." Frigga winked at her daughter, Madi replied by mouthing thank you Frigga just shook her head.

"Okay alright, Madi can go and help the demigods." Oden finally gave in.

"Thank you daddy." Madi squeaked running to hug him and her mom.

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