Beautiful And Lonely


5. ghost king

After yesterday's storm, Madi tried to shield her emotions completely, she needed no more incidents like that. Jason, Anabeth, Percy, and Nico knew the secret, that was far too many. Nico always knew, but now things were different, way different. So were things with Leo he wouldn't talk to her at all, Nico was trying to avoid her ('it's safer not to feel') and it was driving her crazy.

"What's up?" Anabeth asked seething down next to Madi, letting her feet dangle over the edge of the ship.

"Oh, nothing." Madi whispered, with her feet dangling like Anabeths and her head resting on the railing.

"Something is troubling you." Anabeth pointed out the obvious.

Madi shook her head, "It's nothing."

"Leo? Nico?" Anabeth took a wild guess.

"I think they'd be offended with you calling them nothing." Percy said as he sat to join them, putting his arm around Anabeth.

"Hey." Anabeth smiled at him, leaning into his shoulder. Percy was manipulating the water so it came up and splashed their feet.

"I'll leave you two alone." Madi said as she started to pull her legs up.

"Uh I don't think so." Jason said setting down on Madi's other side. "Now Nico-" Jason was interrupted by Anabeth clearing her throats and shaking her head.

"Oh um." Jason probably came with an entire conversation planned out, and Anabeth just pointed out that it wasn't good

"It's fine." Madi whispered.

"Okay then, Nico knows what happened yesterday but won't tell us, we have an idea but aren't for sure." Jason spoke very fast.

"Yeah... so what's up?" Percy asked.

"I don't know, okay!?" Madi was on her feet screaming at them, "Is it okay for the 'Princess' not to know something?"

"Madi." Anabeth tried to calm Madi down, her, Percy, and Jason were on their feet too, and the others were starting to appear.

"No! Okay? You wanna know hats wrong? Too bad! I'm falling in with the 'Ghost King', a guy who can catch on fire and not burn, but all the while I'm still in love with Luke! Got it? That's what's wrong! My emotions get out of hand, and I cause a full on end of the world preview." she was starting to calm down a little now, but the storm had already started, "I don't know what's up, Percy. I don't know what's wrong, Anabeth. And I sure as heck don't know how Nico knew." Madi was done ranting, all she wanted to do was fall to the ground and start crying. That's what she did, too. "I blame love." Madi said through her tears, "But I won't say I'm in love." She glanced at Nico, and completely broke down.

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