Beautiful And Lonely


3. bad dreams

The Argo II crew decided to settle in for the night, after a long evening of getting to know everyone better.

"You kids get some sleep now, I can handle the ship for the night." The crazy satyr with the bat named Coach Hedge offered.

"If anything goes wrong wake me up, coach." Leo commanded.

"I got it Valdez." Hedge said very aggravated.

Madi whipped up an extra cabin for herself, you know being a goddess and all she could do that. Madi wasn't very tired, more like she was scared to sleep. She trusted everyone on board maybe not Hedge, but still she did everyone else. Madi was scared she would slip into another nightmare about Luke. She was right.

When her head hit the pillow Madi fell into a horrible nightmare of when Luke died.

"Don't worry Princess," Luke smiled, looking at Madi with his beautiful blue eyes. "you'll love again." he promised, then kissed her on the cheek and fell into a slumber that would last forever.

Madi hadn't woke up like last time, but she still was screaming.

"Shhh calm down it's okay." Leo sat next her shaking her awake. "It's okay, your alright."

Madi sat up tears running down her face uncontrollably, she hated that Leo was seeing her like this. Only one person had before and that was Luke.

"I-I'm sorry, did I wake you up...?" Madi apologized through her sobs.

"I wasn't really asleep anyway." Leo laughed, "Are you uh okay...?"

"Oh yeah, just a bad dream..." Madi answered.

"You have nightmares too?" Leo asked confused.

"Yeah all the gods do." Madi responded calmly. "When they sleep anyways."

"Oh, I didn't think they did." Leo studied her blankly. Suddenly letting his arms fall from around her. Neither of them had noticed that he had his arms wrapped around her, or how close they were to each other.

"Oh uh um I'm sorry, I'll leave now, if your okay." He said starting to get up.

Without realizing it Madi pulled him back onto the bed, "Stay, please." she begged. "I mean you don't have to, but I would like it if you did. In case I have any more bad dreams." Madi laughed leaning closer to Leo, which he was clearly having mixed emotions about happy and uncomfortable.

"Yeah, sure." Leo responded his eyes not leaving hers.

The laid there talking for what seemed like hours before Madi feel asleep with her head on Leo's chest.

Madison and Leo were awoke by the Argo II crew giggling.

"Well, look here." Anabeth giggled.

"Sleep well?" Piper added.

"Get a little lonely last night...?" Percy joked.

"Maybe she was burning for company." Jason burst out laughing nudging Percy, the two of them laughing together at the childish humor.

"Because Leo's a son Hephaestus." Frank laughed along.

"Leo Valdez!" Hazel squealed, she looked to be the only one not finding it funny that Madi had been asleep on Leo's chest, "I thought you knew better. Goodness!"

"W-what...?" Leo stuttered, "She asked me to stay." He surprised Madi by blaming it in her, it was kind of cute.

"Madison I expected more from you." Percy joked.

"Sorry," Madi apologized uncovering herself from the blanket and walking toward her closet, "I just didn't want to wake anyone with my nightmarish screams." Madi grumbled.

"Wait what?" Anabeth recovered from her giggle fest and was now genuinely concerned.

"Could you all just please leave me to get ready?" Madi turned to face the group with her hands on her chest.

"'Course, but uh does that include Leo..?" Jason asked, he'd been mumbling 'classic' at Madi's other side, after his and Percy's humor faded.

"Would it amuse all of you more that way?" Madi spoke with sheer sass in her tone.

"No." Hazel commanded.

"Uh Yeah." Percy countered.

"M'kay everyone get out!" Madi screamed tired of all the jokes. as everyone was walking out Madi pulled Leo back in. "Not you."

"Uh sure that's a good idea, Hazel seemed a little-" Madi cut him short by slamming her lips into his. She just intended for a quick little short kiss, 'course she didn't want it to end, but eventually she pulled away.

"Sorry." she didn't give him time to respond she pushed him out her door, and locked it quickly behind him.

What the heck was she thinking...? She just kissed Leo Valdez,... the boy who can ignite flame with his fingers.

Madison expected it to be a little awkward, but not dead silent eyes on her awkward. She felt like something was on her face or her hair was messed up, with all the eyes on her.

"Well, Miss Princess what's on the agenda for kicking some old grandmas but today?" Piper joked, she was clearly enjoying the tension, about Madi and Leo.

"Why are you calling me little miss Princess...?" Madi questioned.

"Your the daughter of the King." Piper acted like it was a given, "I didn't mean to offend you."

"No it's fine, most people just Princess Madison, or Madi. Not 'little miss Princess'." Madi continued.

"I was just joking around." Piper explained.

"Oh." Madi responded, she was not used this form of speech. "It's okay, understand now."

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