Beautiful And Lonely


2. Argo II

Madison had her step by step plan in her head, it wasn't until she got to camp half blood that she realized how bad it was. You can't just magically pop up and kill the people responsible for the love of your life's death, specially when there's no proof that they're responsible. Great she was probably walking right into battle, and she didn't even have a plan. That's just great, she thought.

When she reached camp half blood Chiron the old centaur told her that the Argo II and it's crew were in Italy already probably, but not here. Madi didn't quiet get what he meant by 'Argo II' but she didn't have time for questions. She left her brothers at the camp, from then on they would not be there to protect her. Another great thought.

Madi didn't really no what she was looking for when she poofed into Italy, the 'Argo II' sounded like a ship name but would Jason Grace the son of Jupiter travel over water? It could be plans or helicopter, but would Percy Jackson son of Poseidon travel through the air? Probably not for both ideas, their dad's didn't like the others kids at all. Wonderful, still no idea what she's looking for.

When she saw the two little dwarfs running away from a scrawny curly haired kid who was probably about fifteen of sixteen, she knew she better follow him. He had to be a demigod, son of Hephaestus probably. When he ran past her, without thinking she darted after him. Again not a plan in the entire world, thought it could help her.

"Hey!" She caught up with him and calmly said hey.

"Uh... Hey...?" He seemed a little, no not a little he seemed very confused.

"So what you doing?" Madi questioned him.

"Uh chasing dwarfs...?" He stuttered.

"Cool!" Madi went along like it was a normal thing, that way if he weren't a demigod then at least she wouldn't be spilling anything he would. "Why are you chasing dwarfs?"

"Because they stole something of mine." The questions were really starting to make him suspicious.

"Oh cool!" Madi added, "I'm Madison daughter of Oden and Frigga, sister of Thor and Loki, and the niece of the gods. You can call me Madi tough, if you want." The curly hairs boy was now looking very confused with her.

"Uh daughter of....sister....NIECE?" He exclaimed his eyes wider than softballs.

"Yeah." Madison didn't look at him. "We can talk later there are those dwarfs." She pointed at two figures climbing up a tower.

The boy darted toward the tower trance, but making sure Madi was close by. She had no problem keeping up with him, but she slowed down trying to take in Italy's architecture. Madi hadn't realized that she stopped to admire an Italian building, until the curly haired boy was grabbing her hand and pulling her along.

"Sorry please don't kill me you royal highness, I just need you to come with me I have a few hundred questions." The curly haired kid joked.

They reached the top if the tower, and found the dwarfs with bit loads of treasures.

"What the...?" Leo was stunned.

"He-he!" the dwarfs giggled, then when they spotted Madi and Leo they bolted for the window.

"No. stop." Madi was calm when she commanded the dwarfs to stop, but she had a lot of command in her voice. the dwarfs instantly stopped, "Tie them up." Madi whispered to Leo, he obeyed and went to tie them up, the dwarfs didn't fight back. "Grab what they took and anything else you need." Madi told Leo, he again obeyed either because he agreed or was terrified of her.

"That's everything." Leo informed Madi.

lighting struck the tower and boom Jason Grace appeared, sword ready aimed at the dwarfs.

"Looks like you got this under control Leo." Jason said lowering his sword and facing Madi and Leo, "Madi...?" He took a step back seeming, as Oden would say 'a wee but confused'. "what are you....?"

"I'll explain later." Madi jumped in, "Now what's this Argo II?"

Leo explained to Madi all about the magic flying ship, and about Fetus the dragon. Jason insisted he flew them that Hedge the satyr might attack them if they just magically proofed up.

When they finally got to the flying ship, Madi thought it couldn't get weirder until the old satyr started attacking her with a bat. "INTRUDER!" He yelled at the top of his lungs.

"I'm not an intruder you old goat!" Madi barked back, "I am Madison daughter of Oden and Frigga, sister of Thor and Loki, and niece of the gods! If you touch me again you will spend eternity in Tartarus!" she screamed her last threat without noticing the confused people around her. At least the satyr quit trying to kill her.

"Madi...?" asked a very familiar tired voice, "W-what are you doing here?" there seemed to be alarm in the tone of the voice now.

"Percy!" Anabeth exclaimed, "You don't just ask a goddess why there here!" Whispering now she said, "Specially not one who blames us for her boyfriend dying."

"I blame you no more." Madi lied to their faces, "I am here on behalf of Asgard and Olympus, you seek help on your quest that I and I alone can help with."

"Like not interrupting us from an important matter of business...?" The boy with curly hair asked as he steered the ship, clearly the sense of humor on the sip.

"And who are you?" Madi questioned wrinkling her nose.

"Leo Valdez." He caught his hand on fire adding effect, "Pretty cool, aye?"

Just to prove her place Madi aloud herself to catch completely on fire, then letting the fire change colors, "Son of Hephaestus, I presume?" Madi smirked.

"Uh yeah." Leo Valdez replied in awe, "How did you...?"

"She's a goddess, Leo." Jason Grace suddenly appeared and started walking toward Madison, "She's a real powerful goddess at that." Jason smiled now with in hand shaking distance of Madison. A girl with choppy brown hair which was braided with a feather, clearly a daughter of Aphrodite who didn't like all the glamour. She seemed very envious of how happy Jason was to see Madi.

"Jason Grace." Madi smiled, "Lovely to see you again." Madi decided to make the daughter of Aphrodite even more jealous. "Would you mind introducing me, to everyone?"

"Oh yeah, uh you met Leo I guess you know Percy and Anabeth, which just leave Piper," He said gesturing to the daughter of Aphrodite, "Hazel," A dark girl with curly brown hair who was a daughter of Pluto, "Frank," a large stocky Canadian clearly a son of Mars, "and last but not least Nico." When Madi looked at Nico she suddenly remembered him when he was just like twelve, that was three years ago he was fifteen now. The son of Hades still had his shaggy black hair it wasn't as long as it used to be but still, it looked like he got a little tanner, but his black clothing hadn't changed.

"Yes I've met Nico." Madi said as she studied how much he chad changed, "You've grown up."

"Yeah... it's been three years." Nico was very nervous, you could tell just by his voice.

"So I hear we need to save the world...?" Madison asked trying to lighten the mood.

"Yeah..." Percy answered, "Your evil grandma..."

"Percy!" Anabeth exclaimed.

"Chill out." Percy told her, "It's okay." He said patting her on the shoulder.

"Mmmm..." Anabeth glanced at Madi nervously.

"Yeah first is was my psycho uncle, now it's my lunatic of a grandma." Madi snorted.

"Well, it doesn't run in the family does it?" Leo was joking around with a serious question.

"Actually yes." Madi was deadly serious, "You've met my brothers or heard of them, Loki and Thor. You've heard of my father Oden. You hardly know me." she smiled and walked to the rail of the ship. They had took off into the air, and were flying over Italy now.

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