Something To Live For

"Tell me what I have to do to make you mine."

I'm tired of being sad, depressed and ruined. I want to be able to say, Yeah I lived. not Yeah I was alive once.

"Just give me something to live for."


9. 9.

"Annabelle, you look... different." Harry said eyeing me up and down.


"Well that's what I was going for sh- Harry..." I said holding myself back from calling him a shithead. If I new being nice to everyone ESPECUALLY Harry, it might have influenced my decision. Just a little. But I'll try to make the best out of a bad situation.


"I like it. You look pretty. And your hair! Beautiful." he said causing a smile to form on my face. I don't want him to think that I changed myself for him. I didn't. I was just tired of myself. My old ways. But I'm a new person now and I feel great about it.


"Thanks" I smiled to myself looking at my notebook and doodling in it as I ignored the lecture from the teacher. I doodled three little hearts that over-lapped and colored them in blue and pink. One blue and two pink.  They initially represented the family I wanted when I was older. I wanted to have a husband and a little girl.


"Miss Valentine."  Mr. Hastal said making my head snap up.


"Mr. Hastal?"


"I said what was question 17 on the homework?" he said and I frowned. What was he taking about?


"Sir... There wasn't any homework last night..." I said confused.


"Ahhh, good. Now pay attention Miss Valentine, yes?" he said and continued as he finished his lecture. Rolling my eyes I looked at the clock. There was only  3 minuets left so I packed up.


When the bell rang I ran out of the classroom and headed down the hall to my next class, Art. I love art. It was always my favorite subject and I was quite good at it if I say so myself.  I loved drawing pictures of realistic things. Like I would draw my shoes or my eye but very detailed and almost exact.


"Annabelle! Wait up!" Harry yelled down the hall as he ran catching up to me. "We have class together, remember?" he said and I smiled noticing that rhymed.


"Yup" I said as I walked by his side. Awkwardly there was quiet as we neared the room, only about 20 feet away.


"So... your new look?" he questioned making me smile.


"Yes? What about it?" I said a smile tugging my lips. I haven't smiled this much in a long time and honestly it feels really good to be happier.


"Why? Why'd you do it?" he said as we walked in the room and took our seats.


"I- I just was tired of myself. I'm trying to find my reasons for everything and being dark seemed useless. It was just covering me with a rather large blanket and I guess I got too hot, metaphorically speaking. I found it pointless to be a bitch to everyone so I stopped doing that. Reality sunk in I guess and it reminded me that I make my own decisions and I can change my life and how I choose to be..." I almost-completely lied and I felt horrible doing so.


I do need to find my reasons and thankfully I found a few.


Being Dark: None.

Being A Bitch: None.

Thinking I'm Ugly, etc.: No Reason(But the truth..)


An mainly I changed because of one main major reason, and one main major reason semi-only...






Harry, of course.










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