Something To Live For

"Tell me what I have to do to make you mine."

I'm tired of being sad, depressed and ruined. I want to be able to say, Yeah I lived. not Yeah I was alive once.

"Just give me something to live for."


3. 3.

I got my books off the ground in a rush so I wasn't late for class. I speed walk down the hall to get to my class on the other side of the building. I should just stop now. I'm already late.


I slow down in the halls and take my time to get to class when I feel someone touch my shoulder. I jumped and turned around to see that beautiful- I mean... that boy that i saw in the hall earlier when Nicolette pushed me down.


"What do you want?" I spat at him. He's probably here just to criticize me or tell me how stupid i looked over there.


"I want to know what happened" he said stepping closer to me.


"How about you let me get to class, you  get to your class, and we can both only be 20 minuets late to first class." I said stepping away but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back and I fell into his chest.


"Could you fuck off!" I said as I pushed myself off of him and backed away. "What the fuck do you want?"


"I said I want to know what happened." he said, his piercing green eyes burning into me.


"And I want a normal life but no one gets what they want these days." I said storming off to class with out another interruption from him.







It is now lunch and I'm still thinking of that boy...


I don't even know his name yet I found myself not being able to get my mind off of him.


"Is this seat taken miss?" a voice said causing me to look up.


"Don't be an asshole. You don't even know my name." I said rolling my eyes.


"Well you don't know my name either... What is your name, love"


"Annabelle... And yours?"


"Harry. Harry Styles." he said as he sat down across from me.


This is strange... I'm actually making friends...


I like it...

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