Diana Rose

Diana and Niall have been bestfriends since they were child, but what happens when Niall gains feelings for her? And on top of that; one of the lads gains feelings for her too!


8. pancakes

Diana's P.O.V

He chased me again. This time holding a gun. "You know you don't want to do this!" I screamed at him still running and looking straight forward. "I want to do this you dumb bitch, of course I do!" He yelled back at me. "You're a psycho!" I cried. I could hear him laugh a few meters away from me. All of a sudden I was lying on the ground. I had tripped over a rock. "You're not going anywhere," he laughed at me. He held his gun faced towards me and pulled the trigger. - "no!" I screamed. I looked around for half a second before Niall asked me what happened. "Are you okay?" He asked. I shook my head in fear and started to cry. "I had a bad dream about my dad," I cried. He pulled me to his chest and just held me in that position for a few minutes. "You know the police have him under arrest now, we are safe," he tried to comfort me. It was cute and it helped. "Thanks Niall! I'm really glad I have you in my life right now!" I said to him and smiled. I felt a warm shiver go through my body. Was this how you felt when you really loved someone?

Niall's P.O.V

I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back. "You up for pancakes?" I asked. She nodded. "I'm just gonna go and freshen up a little. Why don't you call the other boys to come over and eat with us?" She asked. I nodded and reached for my phone at the table. I dialed Zayn's number. He picked up after three rings. "Hey mate," I heard from the other line. He sounded like he was tired. "You wanna come over and eat some pancakes with us?" I asked. "Sorry, I have this plan with Perrie," he answered. I said it was alright and hung up. I called the other lads. All of them was coming.

"Oh my god Diana these pancakes are so good!" Said Louis whilst eating. "Actually Niall over here made them," she said and smiled at me. I smiled back. "Well, these are probably the best pancakes I've ever had!" He said. I thanked him and reached for another pancake. "So, Diana, me and the lads were planning on getting you some new clothes today before we leave tomorrow," I said. "We were?" Liam asked. I kicked him in the leg. "What'd you do that for?" He asked. I just shook my headache and smiled. "No, guys really you don't have to. I have money on my own, seriously!" She said eagerly. I knew she only had 40 pounds with her, I found out when I was looking for her toothbrush the day before. "40 bucks is not enough for you to live on for 18 months Diana," I said with a straight face. "You know I can afford everything you would ever need," I continued. "But, I," she answered. "No, no 'but'" I answered. "We are going whenever you are ready," I finished.

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