Diana Rose

Diana and Niall have been bestfriends since they were child, but what happens when Niall gains feelings for her? And on top of that; one of the lads gains feelings for her too!


5. interrupted

Liam's P.O.V

Niall and Diana left. They were hidding to the policestation. Dianas father, that fucking creep, chased her, and she ended up here. ''Shall we go out for a ride, maybe get some food?'' Harry asked. Everyone was startled slightly, we were all upset about what had just happened. We all nodded, slowly but surely. We got up from the couch and dressed us in street clothes.'' Let's go to starbucks, long time since we were there,'' Louis said. I nodded as I looked at the others.

The drive was quiet. '' What happens between you and Diana?'' Zayn suddenly said. I just gave him a strange look. '' hey, I've seen the way you look at her, she smiles back anyway, do you have something going on?'' he whispered. '' Well, I like her. But Niall seems to have gotten her,'' I said. I knew that Niall and Diana were not together, but somehow it just fell out of me. Niall and Diana'd been best friends since they were babies and that was it, so I had nothing to worry about, right? Zayn just smiled at me and shook his head. Did he know something I did not know? '' Did you two plan to go out of our car or?'' Harry laughed. We were suddenly at starbucks, but the conversation with Zayn seemed so strange.

Harry and Louis ran while they held hands. Haha, they're so cute together. As best friends, that it is. We stood in the line, and ordered what we wanted.

Diana P.O.V

Niall had brought mattresses into the living room so we could sleep there. He was just so cute. We were at the police station earlier today, which went straight down the drain. I admitted that my dad raped me daily. If he came out of prison he would probably come after me, and he would find me. I shook the thought away, and continued watching the movie.

I lay me onto Niall's mattress and asked for permission to lay my head on his shoulder. He nodded and wrapped his arms around me. I had never felt better, he was like an angel that fell from heaven. No, Diana. You were best friends, no more. What were you thinking? I stared at Niall, his eyes were gorgeous. His eyes met mine, which eventually became a bit strange. He looked at me as if to say something. He opened his mouth. '' Diana, I've always wanted to say this, I -'' He was interrupted by the boys came in the door with starbuck cups.

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