You and I

Jocelyn is coming out of high school ready to start over and find a new life. When she moves in with her best friends, she meets somebody along the way!! Read more to find out! (Warning: May use Strong language)


10. 9. PAPS!!!

Alexis' P.O.V.

Tonight, we want to dinner with the boys. Eventhough we only met the earlier today, they feel like brothers to me and I'm sure all the other girls feel the same way. We finished eating at the melting pot when Louis and Lauren had to leave. I don't know why Louis had to leave but Lauren has a big soccer try out in the morning so she wanted to go get some sleep. Which I don't blame her. As we were leaving the resturant we wanted to go walk around and talk, so I pulled Stephen away from the group so that we could walk alone. As Soon as we started walking, he grabbed my hand and linked it with his, sparks everywhere! I could stay like this all night. We walked around a little and he noticed that I was cold, so as every gentleman does, he took off his jacket and gave it to me. It smelt like his colone and I was so comforted. We walked until Stephen came to a stop. He turned to me and pulled me in by my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he placed his lips on mine. I never wanted this to end.

Jocelyn's P.O.V.

Alexis and her boyfriend Stephen went to go walk around as a couple since she is the only one dating in the house, and is he hurts her I swear to god I will kick his fucking ass! Anyway, they went off and did there own thing and we all went into Starbucks. It sounded really good and it was really cold outside. It's November, and in Colorado I'm talking really cold! So we walked in and ordered our drinks. I pulled out my credit card to pay for the drinks but a soon as I tried handing in to the cashier, Harry swat my hand down and gave the cashier his card. I looked at him with a 'what was that for' look. He looked back at me with a cheeky smile! He is so cute! No Jocelyn!! Don't say that! He's not cute!! Don't get into another relationship!! I thought in my head. It was all interrupted with the sound of Nicole's voice. " hey Jocelyn! You comin!?" I nodded and the her about 3 screams of 14 year old girls. They ran over the the boys and asked for pictures and autographs. The boys said yes, took pictures and sighed their stuff! They thanked them and walked away. I ran to catch up with them but I noticed Harry waiting for me... Why would he do that?

Harry's P.O.V.

After I had payed for our drinks, I looked over at Jocelyn and she looked as if she was in a dream. Then she looked at me and looked back down again with a small frown on her face. I had only known her for one day and I think that I am in love with her. I would do anything for her and anything to make her happy. Harry stop what are you thinking? She doesn't like you. We all walked out of Starbucks as some fans screamed asking us for postures and auto graphs and everything else they ask. After they had left, we were all walking out of Starbucks and I noticed one person was missing. Jocelyn. Then I saw her walk out looking in a daze. You could tell she was thinking about something. I decided to wait for her so I could have some time to myself with her. As she walked passed me, I started to walk with her and we got to know everything about each other. But there was something she still wasn't telling me, I knew it. But I won't ask her now, or she'll feel uncomfortable with me ad that's the last think I want. All of the sudden I see everyone start running towards us! " what's going on??" I asked frantically! " PAPS!! RUN!! " Niall yelled while running to the limo which was pulling up. Jocelyn and I looked at each other in shock then I saw one camara flash and I grabbed her hand and we both ran back to the limo, jumped in and drove off. Alexis and Stephen were already in the limo so we just started to head home. We dropped the girls off at there house which turned out we are next door neighbors!! OMG! Then we got dropped off and the limo drove off. Stephen was driving home because he was pulling out of the girls drive way. All the lads walked into the house with smiles in there faces. Even me! I went into Lou's room and he was sleeping with a smile on his face! I wonder what's with him. I'll ask him later. I walked into my room and decided to text Haley about plans tomorrow.

Haley's P.O.V.

We had just gotten home and we all collapsed on the couch. We kicked off our heels and turned on the tv. It was showing beauty and the beast so we didn't change it. One at a time we went to the bathroom, changed and took off all of our make up. Once we had all changed, I got a text from a unknown number. It said " hey any plans for tomorrow?" I was hoping it wasn't a stocker so I replied " who is this?" " Harry styles and u r watching beauty and the beast right now huh" I knew it was a stocker! " o ok and yea! How do u know? " I replied. " Liam just changed it to disney channel... Lol" he replied and I txted him to call me. Once he did, I went into the living room and paused the movie even though I love it! " ok girls. The guys want to know what we are doing tomorrow. And suggestions? And nothing in the morning because we have to see Lauren's tryout! " I said hoping that Harry had heard it all! He told me he did and that Louis had soccer in the morning. We planned to go to steamboat springs for a week after there soccer things. We said our goodbyes and hung up. " girls! We get to go to steamboat for a whole week!! And the boys are coming with us!" Everyone was smiling except Alexis. " and may I add the Stephen can come too! " that made Alexis smile big and wide! I walked upstairs and into Laurens room and saw her smiling wide while she was sleeping. I'll ask her tomorrow... I thought to myself! I walked back downstairs and sat down on the couch and finished watching the beauty and athe beast. Once the movie ended, all us girls walked upstairs and went into our rooms screaming goodnights and I love yous around the house. I walked into my room and closed the door. I climbed into bed not being able to go to sleep thinking about the night I had just had. I unlocked my phone and went to my photos. I looked at all the selfies that Liam and I took together. How close his face was to mine. I hoped that I could have a relationship like that. With a guy theat actually loves me for me. I closed my eyes and fell asleep replaying the night in my head.

(A.N. Hey guys!! Hope you all liked it!! Be updating more tonight!! Luv u all!! :* ~Emm)

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