You and I

Jocelyn is coming out of high school ready to start over and find a new life. When she moves in with her best friends, she meets somebody along the way!! Read more to find out! (Warning: May use Strong language)


9. 8. Car Ride

Louis' P.O.V.

Tommorow I have this huge soccer tryout so I decided to go in a different car. I had called Haley and asked her for the address to the resturant. Liam had somehow managed to get her number. Then that just reminded me about that beautiful girl I met ealier today. Her name was Lauren and I couldnt stop thinking about her all afternoon. And she was GREAT at soccer. I was snapped out of my thoughts when my phone started ringing. I looked at it and "Liam" was on the screen. i answered his call. "Hello?" I asked into the phone. "Hey Lad! Where are you? We have been at the resturant for 5 minutes! Is everything ok?" He asked. "Yea everythings fine! Im pulling in right now. see you in a minute lad!" He said Ok then hung up. As I pulled into the resturant, i have to say it was quite fancy! It was called the Melting Pot. They dont have anything like this in Cali. I hopped out, grabbing my phone and my wallet and walked in. The waiter led me to the table that all the girls and lads were. I noticed one guy there that i didnt know. Probly Alexis' boyfriend. Then, I looked for an empty seat around the table and found one right next to Lauren! I did the happy dance in my head as I sat down next to her. This was going to be the best night ever!!

Lauren's P.O.V.

I looked over to my right as I saw someone sit next to me and it was Louis!! And may I say, he was soooo hot in his suit! But anyway, the waiter came over to our table and explained how to do the fondue. Poor Niall... It was killing him not being able to eat right away. Anyway, as we finished our meal, which was great! We decided to get dessert! Louis nudged me and it gave me tingles throughout my body. He asked " do you want to share a dessert? I have soccer tomorrow so I don't want a full one..." " yea sure!" Was all I could answer. I was so lost in his eyes I couldn't really focus. Then I stood up and told everyone goodnight! I had a big soccer tryout in the morning and we are going to scrimmage against the boys team that was trying out for our tryout! Kinda confusing I know. I then noticed that I didn't have a car and I didn't want to take the limo. I was thinking about calling a taxi when Louis started saying his goodbyes. He said he had to be somewhere in the morning but I have no clue where. I started to walk out and then Louis followed me. Once we had arrived outside, I pulled out my phone. " what are you doing?" Louis asked interrupting my thoughts. " just calling a taxi... Why?" I asked. " taxi for what?" He asked me with a little attitude. It was meant to be snotty but it was really cute how he was blushing the whole time. " so I can go home. " I answered. He grabbed my phone and ended the call that I was about to make to call a taxi. " No No No! I am taking you home!" He said proudly. I didn't want to argue with him so he took my hand and led me to his car. He opened the door for me and said " Miss" I thanked him and got in. He then ran around to the other side, jumped in and started the car. Then while I was fixing my hair in the mirror, I saw Louis typing something into my phone. I shrugged it off and finished my hair. Once I was done, he was focused on the road. Once we were at a stoplight, I turned and asked him" Does my hair look ugly??" " No! Not ever close! Nothing about you even describes ugly. Your Georgous!! " I started to blush and said " I wish but thanks" " it's true!! Believe very word I say!!" After he said that I just smiled and turned away because he just called my pretty, no not every pretty. He called my Georgous! I was really selfconsiousso it was a huge suprise for me! I was snapped out of my thoughts when Louis turned on the radio and it was playing Little Black Dress!! My Favorite song!! We both laughed and sang along. Once we had made it back to the girls house, he told me to stay in the car so he could open the door for me. I jumped out and he walked me to the front door. We told eachother goodnight and he kissed my cheek!!!! AH! Then I have him a friendly hug and whispered in his ear " I liked that". Then we pulled away and I started to walk into my house when he grabbed my hand and pulled me back outside. " I liked that too" he whispered the placed his soft lips on mine. It was a really sweet but passionate kiss. I wanted this moment to stay forever and I never wanted it to end. We finally seperated for air and he gave me a peck on the cheek before letting me go inside. I walked inside and ran to my window. I saw his walk to his car and drive right across the street. Wait... Were we neighbors???? Then I saw him walk into the house right across the street! They must be our neighbors! And what's the best news of the night? I shared my last first kiss with THE Louis Tomlinson! The best night of my life!

(A.N. Hey lovelies!! Hope you enjoyed it!! Tomorrow is my last day till break so I will be able to write more!! Pinky promise!!! I love you all!!! P.S. Lauren hope u loved it!! ~Emmilee #25)

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