You and I

Jocelyn is coming out of high school ready to start over and find a new life. When she moves in with her best friends, she meets somebody along the way!! Read more to find out! (Warning: May use Strong language)


8. 7. Driving and a Radio

Haley's P.O.V.

After all of us girls got home, I could help but notice that all the girls had smiles in their faces! I wonder what I missed... Anyway, I call them downstairs and told them about dinner and told them that they should be ready by 5:30 just incase! It was about 4:30 so I figured that they would all have time to get ready. I told the guys to wear suits so I told the girls o wear a fancy dress or some cute outfit. I called Alexis' boyfriend Stephen to come also so she wouldn't be alone. It was already dark by 5 so we all wore dresses that went good for evening events. I decided that I wanted to go the least amount of make up as possible. I went with some black eyeliner and some black mascara so they could "define my eyelashes" I then dried and curled my hair and put a few bobby pins in. I walked downstairs to see all of the girls gasp. They covered their mouths as I walked downstairs. "Well hello to you all beautiful Ladies!" I said and plopped my ass down on the couch. They all followed and we watched Peter Pan.

Jocelyn's P.O.V.

I was downstairs waiting with the girls while watching Peter Pan when I heard the door bell ring. Haley got up and opened the door to see Stephen walk throught the door. Alexis ran to him and held him tight. Then the kissed and it was so sweet... I wish I will have a relationship like that someday... " you look beautiful" I heard Stephen wisper in to Alexis ear. "Thanks" she answered while blushing. Then, Haley told us that we had to go and meet the boys at the park, so we all walked across the street and saw a huge limo pull in... I was so shocked! I have always wanted to ride in a limo and now I will finally be able too! When the door opened, I saw the one with the curly hair and I have to say... He is really cute! Anyway, we all jumped into the limo and drove into the mile high city!

Zayn's P.O.V.

As all the girls and I think Alexis boyfriend got into the limo, I just could not keep my eyes off of Nicole!! She was stunning!! She was wearing a short black dress with black heels and had beautiful jewelry on! Then, I guess Niall noticed because he nudged me in the side and said " You alright mate?" " yea I'm fine she is just georgous!" I replied. He nodded and started to talk to Anna, who sat next to him.

Nicole's P.O.V.

I love my girls and I can't believe that I am in the same car as one direction! Well 4/5 of one direction... Who was missing? Louis! Where is he? I wasn't a huge fan but when you are in the same car as celebrities, then it's a pretty big deal. I snapped out of my thoughts when Haley tapped my hand and nudged for me to look over at Zayn. When I did, he was starring at me the whole time! OMG! I started to blush and then he turned his head away.

Jocelyn's P.O.V.

As we were driving in the limo, I looked around to see that Louis wasn't with us! I tapped Harry's shoulder and asked him " Harry, where is Louis?" "Oh he has this thing for soccer tomorrow morning so he wanted to go in a seperated car. " I just nodded and then the limo driver turned in the radio and midnight memories came on! We all started to laugh hystarically! Then we just all sang along

( Hello Lovelys!! I am Soo sorry that this is a short chapter!! I promise I will update soon!! Lots of luv!!! ~Emmilee #25)

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