You and I

Jocelyn is coming out of high school ready to start over and find a new life. When she moves in with her best friends, she meets somebody along the way!! Read more to find out! (Warning: May use Strong language)


31. 28. Vacation Prep

Liam's P.O.V.

About a week after I asked Haley to go to Disney World with me, I called her into my room so that we could book a flight to Florida. "Baby, come here really quick!" I called to her. She came out of the bathroom because she was doing her hair. I was sitting on my bed with my laptop and she came and sat down next to me. "What's up babe?" She asked me. "Well I was just going to book our tickets for a flight to Florida for the two of us. And I didn't want to book it without you." I said and smiled after I was finished. "Awww. Well I looked at my schedule for the next two weeks and it looks like I have them off so we can go anytime you can go. I'm so excited to get to spend time with only you." She finished and kissed me. I love her some much and this is finally my opportunity to show it.

Harry's P.O.V.

As I wake up slowly, i feel Jocelyn laying down next to me tracing my tattoos. As soon as she saw that I was up, she pulled her hand away. "You know that I like when you trace my tattoos right love..." I whispered into her ear and she pulled her hand back out and starts to trace my tattoos again. After about an hour of laying in bed, she got out of bed and pulled me out with her. We walked downstairs hand and hand and ran into Nicole trying to run away from Zayn. Those two are cray but they are perfect for each other. Liam told us that he was going to book flights for Haley and him so that's where they are. All the other lads are at the girls house.

Haley's P.O.V.

As soon as we had picked and booked a flight to Florida, Liam pulled me onto his lap and gave me a big passionate kiss. " I love you baby... And I can't wait to spend time alone with you. " he whispered into my ear making shivers go down my spine. " I love you too Liam..." And kissed him again. Then breaking the moment, my phone started to ring. It was Nicole. I immiditly picked it up... "Hey!" I said into the phone. "Hey girl hey!! All the girls are going shopping and wanted to know if you wanted to come with? Especially with your trip coming up!! " she said in a very enthusiastic voice. How did they know about the trip... I haven't told them the plans yet. "How did you know about the trip?" I asked her. "Liam texted it to Harry who texted it to Niall who texted it to Anna who texted it to me. " she said in in sentence. "Oh... Well sure!! I need a few new outfits anyways. " I said giving into her begging. "Yay! See you at the house in a few!! " and with that she hung up. Those girls are crazy sometimes but I love them! I giggled and went back to where Liam was. "Who was that love?" He asked me when I walked in. "Just Nicole wondering if I would go shopping with them today. I am going to go get a few new outfits for the trip!" I said as I grabbed my purse that was sitting on the night stand. "Oh here use this today." He said as he was pulling his credit card out of his wallet. "No Liam I got today! You just bought a whole trip to Florida for both of us." I said trying to give it back to him. He crossed his arms against his chest and threw me a smirk saying "Well it will be my little treat. Take the card... " I didn't feel like arguing with him so I took the card and threw it into my wallet. I gave him a quick kiss before I walked out of his room and outside, walking over to the girls house. When I walked through the front door, I saw Niall and Anna having a make out session in the corner. I saw Lauren and Louis coming down the stairs and Louis said, "Get a room!" Niall and Anna broke apart, Niall looking at the floor and Anna turning a bright pink, blushing when she couldn't help it! Anyways, I walked into my room and refreshed a little bit before we would all went on a huge shopping trip. By the time I was ready all of the girls had sent all the lads back to their house so they could get ready to go with me on the shopping trip. I called all the girls downstairs and we all jumped into the van. We made our way to the mall but before we got there we had to stop for food because Lexi was starving. As we pulled into the mall, we all started talking about what I would need for the trip as that I needed a new suitcase because all of the ones that I had were crap so that's where we went. I got this big suitcase that was really cute. It was aqua blue with palm trees around it. The girls and I spent the rest of the day running through the mall, looking through stores and buying clothes. We went on a little shopping spree... I dropped about $500! As soon as we got home we all dropped our bags on the floor and went to the couch... We had told the boys not to bother us because we were going to have a girls night. Just to be safe, Nicole took the spare key out from under the rug. We sat down and and turned on the tv. We went to the disney channel which was playing 'The Little Mermaid' Before the movie started we got ready for bed, knowing that we would fall asleep before the movie would be over. As we watched the little mermaid, it reminded me a lot of what i would be doing with Liam in 3 weeks. Going to the beach, being at Disneyland all day, and the best part was that I got him all to myself. Thinking of that, i fell fast asleep.

(A.N. Hi guys! Here is another chapter! Hope you like it! I just got done traveling and i have 2 weeks till school starts... :( let me know what you think!! Love you all!! 😘😘 ~Emm)

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